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Lenny Miles
Twitter: lenny_miles

Patrice Miles
Twitter: patrice_miles

  1. Amanda says:

    So excited for both of you! I’m getting ready to head to Egbe in a few weeks. I should still be there when you arrive so we can officially meet! May the Lord continue to bless you in your preparation!

  2. Tom Jecker says:

    Wow… What a courages story yours is. I go to St Edwards and we have talked of people having the faith and courage to sell everything to help others. Gods speed to you and your family. I live at 2701 Tucker Station and considering downsizing our house/lifestyle. That is where I saw your house and boat that were for sale. You will be in our prayers for a safe journey…Hopefully I will be back on your site to donate in the near future. Tom and Sarah Jecker

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