They Don’t Have a Walgreens in Africa?

Posted: June 7, 2013 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Nigeria
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RXYes this was the question I received when talking to the physician assistant at my allergists office. I really didn’t know what to say except….”Are you joking?” I had called to request them to change Cason’s prescription for his inhalers. We needed to stock up on them as they do not sell inhalers in Nigeria. She wasn’t very helpful or understanding of our upcoming trip and ended our conversation with “They don’t have a Walgreens in Africa?”

I had never really thought about all the things we relied on until I had to pack it all up and move it across the globe. Medications are the hardest thing to come by in Africa. We will be taking a two year supply of all meds and 2 nebulizer machines just in case one bites the dust.

Once we started talking to friends on the field we found out a few of our favorite foods Marketdidn’t exist in Egbe either. Peanut butter, coffee and chocolate……oh no! There is a grocery store, but as you can see it is very limited. We were told we can order American food items from the lady that owns the grocery store. They take a few weeks to get to her and it is very limited. They mentioned Pringles being a commodity. There is no rhyme or reason to what flavor you get, but they can be ordered.

I know once we arrive and are immersed in the community helping the locals, orphans and SP workers, these things will not hold the same value to us. However, now standing on the other side of the globe and having taken for granted all of these wonderful things….I am in preparation mode.

We shipped over 30 lbs of coffee beans, 20 jars of peanut butter and 12 packages of chocolate chips among other things. The chocolate chips will be melted but we have been told to throw them in the freezer, then just chunk off with a knife what you need. HAHA, never thought I would be saying that. So, when you drink your coffee in the morning, make a PB&J sandwich or eat some chocolate….enjoy it and realize that you are very blessed to even have the opportunity to consume those items.

Thanks to our current 39 financial partners, visas and plane tickets for August 15th are in the works. We still need a few more people to partner with our ministry in order to be 100% funded. We are currently in need of 4/$100 partners, 9/$50 partners 9/$25 partners and 4/$10 partners.

We are excited that we now have 180 prayer partners! We still need more people to partner with us in this area too. We are wanting 400 prayer partners before we leave in August.

Do not let this blog leave the impression we are not ecstatic about this journey God is taking us on. We are so excited words cannot even begin to express it. I just felt that if the PA didn’t know there wasn’t a Walgreens in Africa…maybe you didn’t either.

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  1. Ellen Vogel says:

    Will you be able to use your microwave? There is a great kitchen gadget you can use to make your own paper thin chips! Saw it in a kitchen store in Chattanooga this weekend. Sure you can google it. Top that Pringles! You can put whatever flavor you want on them! Blessings..Ellen Vogel

  2. Bunny Stoke says:

    As always, , reading your blog reminds me to send off two prayers….one in thanksgiving for all the ways we are so blessed, and one for those who have so little. Make that 3 prayers……for the safety of your journey!

  3. Sheryl O'Brien says:

    Ahhh, this is all so familiar! Trust me, you WILL learn to live without Pringles! 🙂 And probably learn to love hand-fried potato “crisps” even more! (And you’ll adore the helper who makes them for you.) I’m glad you have access to containerized shipping; you can send so much more than you can carry on the plane. I hope there are nice veggies and fruits available at Egbe. I know our family had healthy low-fat beef, wonderful natural fresh-ground peanut butter, and plenty of fresh stuff in Jos–vine-ripened tomatoes year around, lovely pineapples, etc. It just takes some “getting used to” and learning how to shop and prepare food from scratch. Did anyone mention you should take Mexican seasonings? They were hard to find in Nigeria, back in the day, and are still rather scarce today here in Nairobi. Glad you know your precious chocolate chips will melt! Our family still laughs about the chips we carried that somehow ran into a bottle of shampoo that burst on the way over the ocean. We kept those stupid soapy things in the freezer and ate ’em anyway! yuk! I learned then to put all liquids and lots of other things in Zip-loc bags. You will use the bags over and over after they carry your stuff safely to Africa. God BLESS you as you plan, shop, and pack!

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