A Day in the Life of Patrice & Kids in Egbe, Nigeria

Posted: August 28, 2013 by Patrice Miles in Egbe
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“Eu karo, Sunday!”

Mount Baldy Egbe Nigeria6am every morning we are awakened with 2 sounds. One is Sunday raking our yard (sand), and the second is the moto bike of the guard coming for shift change. I grab my flashlight and scan the floors for visitors before I put my feet on the tile. You never know what might be waiting to say good morning to you. Potty break is first and the saying is, if it is yellow let it mellow and if its brown flush it down. Water from 6am-10am and then again 6pm-9pm. So normally Lenny hasn’t left any surprises for me in the mornings. HAHA.

Next is coffee! The question is, is their electric or not? Seems lately, not. I warm water in the kettle on the gas stove and then pour it over the coffee grinds in our coffee maker. Cason and Jolie Laundry in Egbe NigeriaThen for some quite time I view out the back at Mount Baldy. The sun starts to rise and I get to listen to some of the most interesting animal sounds as I read my Bible.

Next is turning on the generator if the electric is out. I have limited time for water and the  laundry has to be done daily b/c everyone is so dirty and stinky. Once a load is going I go and tickle some kids awake. Next is a warm shower if the electric has been on at night. If no hot water then no shower for me as I have not been brave enough yet to take a cold one. I try to fit cleaning dishes in also as the water will be off soon. Once everyone is ready we head to 8am devotionals.

Cason and Daddy head to the workshop with the guys and Jolie and I head to the volunteer house with the gals. This is one of my favorite times of the day. The girls sing some of the most beautiful songs and they love to shake their bum bum. Check out the video below. 

At about 8:30am Cason walks back to the house and eats breakfast with Jolie and then we start school. School seems to be ending right at or before 12pm. Then we get to eat lunch with Daddy!

Egbe Nigeria FriendsAfter lunch I currently am playing house maid. The floors have to be swept daily as the dust is amazing. Mopping at least every other day. Laundry that is hanging outside has to be brought in a folded. After house duties I get to sit for a little bit and check out what is going on in your lives on Facebook, check emails and make my to do lists. Normally by 2 or 3pm we are free to do whatever we want but can pretty much guarantee a small visitor will be looking for Cason or Jolie to play with.

This is wear I am in prayer for what God wants my children and I to do to serve him. We love to visit the hospital and say hello to the patients. We have also visited the orphanage and are praying about how God could use us there too. There is so many opportunities to serve here. Please pray for God to show us which opportunity is best for our family.

Jumping the Fence to Run

Jumping the Fence to Run

Next is 5pm work out time. MWF is Egbe running club with anyone that wants to run in the bush together. This is so awesome and miserable at the same time. Beautiful surroundings but oh so hot and exhausting.

6pm is dinner which we are in love with the food here. Normally something spicy with rice. Right now we have been blessed with getting to eat with the volunteers. That ends this weekend and we will be on our own. I am hoping to have house help start working next week. Please pray for the lovely lady that ends up joining our family.

Washing Feet in EgbeAfter dinner we get to relax and play on our computers or veg out. Bedtime is normally at 9pm and the kids must wash their feet and brush their teeth before bed.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about our daily routine. We are challenged daily with being in an environment that we know nothing about. We just keep on taking steps not fearful of looking stupid or making a mistake. We ask a lot of questions and are leaving the big stuff like snakes, malaria and financials to God. We are still in need of $200 in monthly support to be 100% funded. If God has put it on your heart to support a ministry over seas click here, MILES IN MISSIONS.

  1. Linda Kohn says:

    Sounds like you have busy days in learning and experiencing new things!!!

    Enjoyed reading all about your day… Aside from the lovely lady that will be joining your family and the support you still need to raise….what are other areas of prayer that I can be lifting you up in?

    How are your kids enjoying their new home and community?

    Hugs and prayers,

    Linda Kohn

    • Thank you so much Linda. Specifically you can be praying for our container to arrive. We are now hoping for next Friday release and maybe we will see it one week from Sunday. We are fine but cannot wait to have all the things we packed from home. Also the hospital needs a general surgeon, doctor and medical director ASAP. We cannot get post residency doctors apart of the World Medical Missions to come until we have one of these. We had a family coming in Jan that now isn’t b/c of this. The kids and I can also use prayer on where God wants to use us. Lenny is thriving in his role with the men at the hospital but the kids and I have yet to find out how God wants to use us.

  2. James and Mary Eicher says:

    Dear Family,
    We love hearing from you and pray everyday for everyone there. Give the children hugs from us. Can we send you snail mail? If so please send your address. We will send a picture to them of what we look like. Please always keep us updated of your journey there. We love you, Grandpa and Grandma Eicher

  3. Christiana says:

    I’m so glad you have a washer, what a blessing! I’m praying that you guys will get the perfect house helper, and that the Lord will pave the way for whatever He has planned for you guys there in ministry. Love you!

  4. Nicole says:

    So awesome Sis! Nothing like being in a beautiful and foreign land to draw you near to God. Love and miss you guys.

  5. Cathy Goodman says:

    Patrice as I read your post I am envious! And yet so thankful for you and Lenny
    your willingness to be obedient. John 14.21″Whoever has my commands and obeys them , he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.” In a prayer email I receive it spoke on a perspective in giving and how Paul speaks to this in Philippians 4.14-19. How Paul appreciated the gifts but how his joy came from knowing their gift was being accredited to their heavenly account. Paul had a confidence that God would always provide what he needed. Sometimes it came from his business. Sometimes it came through others. He was not overly concerned with where his provision would come from. His confidence was in God, his provider. So, his attitude was in affirming the benefit that came to the giver from a Kingdom perspective.

    Paul learned that it wasn’t a church or a business that was his provider. It was God. These were merely tools God used to support him. I will continue to pray for others to join in God’s work with you as you serve Him. It is truly a blessing to join with you!

  6. Jennifer Emerson says:

    This post made me smile. I can just see each of you going about your day. Sounds like you guys are transitioning well. We will continue to pray for you. Love and miss you all!

  7. Rema S. Polsgrove says:

    Love  you guys!  Miss you too, but it’s so awesome getting to see how you’re time is going.  I’m so glad you’re so good at FB, because getting to see you there on a daily basis makes it feel like you’re not so far away.  Let’s do Face Time soon.  I was thinking one day during Myah’s nap time.  That way I can actually talk to you guys.  Myah naps usually between 11:30-2:15.  So what is that your time, 5:30-8?  Maybe we could connect sometime after your dinner time.

    Rema S. Polsgrove  

    From: Miles In Missions >To: rema24_99@yahoo.com >Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 2:50 PM >Subject: [New post] A Day in the Life of Patrice & Kids in Egbe, Nigeria > >milesinmissions posted: “”Eu karo, Sunday!” 6am every morning we are awakened with 2 sounds. One is Sunday raking our yard (sand), and the second is the moto bike of the guard coming for shift change. I grab my flashlight and scan the floors for visitors before I put my feet o” >

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