“We are coming!”

Posted: May 19, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Miles In Missions, Mission Trips, Volunteers

diana“We are coming!” This was the email I received over 3 month ago from our friends and Miles in Missions supporters, Stephen and Diana Beville. I thought after I gave them the costs and details of the journey they would say that they were mistaken and couldn’t come.  $3,000 in plane tickets, $850 for accommodations and transportation to Egbe, VISA’s, shots, 16 hours in plane travel, 8 hours in vehicle travel and you have to stay for 2 weeks. Diana said,” I don’t know how we will come up with the money, get time off from work and I am so nervous I am shaking but we are saying, Yes! We feel God is calling us to come and serve in Egbe.” I screamed to Lenny the news and then cried as I had always thought no one would ever come and visit us in the bush.

DSC_0063When the Beville’s said YES we all had no clue what God had planned. We just knew he wanted them here. Weeks before their arrival he started to give us little glimpses of what he wanted them here for. First it was clear that I needed some Louisville lovins. Since Abby’s departure at the end of March I have been very lonely. I knew God knew I needed a woman from Louisville to lift my Spirits and help me push forward until more female missionaries arrive.

DSC_0006God’s plan continued to unfold one week before the Beville’s arrival.  Our medical director asked if the Beville’s could help move the pharmacy to its new location. I of course said yes. We could easily install shelving, clean the new location and move all the drugs. He then asked if Stephen would be comfortable with viewing the pharmacy policy and procedures and seeing what changes needed to be made to make it more efficient. I told the MD that Stephen had never worked in a pharmacy before so I didn’t know if he would be comfortable with that, but I would ask. When Stephen arrived I shared the MD’s desires with him and he said, “Oh that’s no problem. I used to work in a pharmacy and my Dad is a pharmacist.” I couldn’t do anything but laugh as God has such a sense of humor.

DSC_0304Overall, their time here has ministered to our family, the hospital, the staff and the community. Our family needed to hear some of that familiar Louisville swang. The hospital needed help with the pharmacy move, Dr’s Library Facelift, server and Internet issues. A few of the staff and their grandchildren benefited from Diana’s computer and cooking classes. The community will benefit from the changes they have helped make for years to come. Thank you to the Beville’s for saying YES! Thank you to their family that re arranged their lives to watch their children. Thank you to everyone that supported them financially and prayerfully on this journey to Egbe! Thank you to everyone that contributed to the 7 suitcase of clothes and other goodies. To view more of their pictures in Egbe click Beville.

diana 2

  1. Megan Parker says:

    I didn’t even know they were coming! What a beautiful blessing! God is so faithful! We sure miss all you guys from our old group!

  2. Linda Kohn says:

    ☺ A friend loves at all times and is closer than family in time of need. Prov. 17:17

    Praising God for the Beville’s and their hearts which are in-tuned with God’s leading and obedient to HIS call. So happy to read you had visitors and that you enjoyed them so so so much☺ God is a sweet Father, He knows are hearts so well and is so romantic in letting us know HOW BIG HIS LOVE is for us.

    Thank you for sharing this step in your journey.


    Linda Kohn

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