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Posted: June 12, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

DSC_0006My name are Abolagi Kehinde. 1. I have give my life to Jesus Christ. 2. I want to no how to read. 3. I want to promote. 4. I want to become somebody in life. This was one of the hundreds of prayer requests we received from our latest evangelism outing with Reverend Fatoye from 1st ECWA church.  Rev. Fatoye has always had a dream of getting to do more outreach. A donor recently gave Reverend a generator, large projector screen and projector for outreach. He has invited us on many occasions to participate in the events and they have been so rewarding.

DSC_0009We recently visited Titcomb College which is a secondary school, ages 11-16. The goal was to show a film, talk to them about Christ and then ask them how we can pray for them. I had the joy of spending my quiet time this morning going through all those precious prayer requests. 61 of those pieces of paper indicated they accepted Christ as the Lord and Savior that day we showed the film. Praise the Lord!



The bulk of the requests were for them to pass their exams and to do well in school. There was an overall theme of a request for wisdom and knowledge to be “the head not tail” and to pray for their families. I also saw health issues, lack of money for school fees, spiritual attack, fears, theft, disobedience and general “life in abundance” requests. It was truly beautiful to see what the prayers needs are of children in this community. Our plan is to go back and speak to the children on a more intimate level. Now that we know their prayer needs we can have break out sessions and pray for their needs specifically.

DSC_0036As we continue with Reverend Fatoye and his outreach programs, I would love to know if anyone recommends any specific films for adolescent children?  Any activities that you have found beneficial to help grow and mentor adolescents? I also want to thank all of our supporters because you paid several of these students’ school fees. Two of the prayer requests we received were children praying for their school fees to be paid. If God is leading you to pay their school fees click School Fees to donate. Any amount will help them.

I also want to ask everyone to please pray for the children of Egbe. They face so many things everyday that American children will never even have to think about. Pray for their school to have good teachers, for them to understand what is being taught, for their family, for their health and for their walk with the Lord. Thanks for praying for the Children of Egbe.

  1. Fred says:

    Try searching youtube for songs you can teach them. Music has a way of helping people remember things. You could also teach them a scripture verse that would inspire them. .

  2. dbeville says:

    is that David standing by Cason? I was able to see the pictures when i came to the site to read the blog, so that answered some of my questions that I posted on fb. This is a wonderful thing; i want to hear more.

  3. Garrison says:

    All the Veggie Tale films are great.
    A cool activity I like to play with students is have them pick a bunch of M&M’s of all different colors (You could use something else besides candy…maybe little rocks of different shades). You say: “For each lighter rock you have to say something about yourself. For darker rocks you have to say something about your family. The purpose of the game is to get students talking about stuff in their lives. It is really just an ice breaker game to get to know everyone.

  4. Bert Oubre says:

    Very cool and I didn’t even know that you did this! BTW, we have a little Fulani girl with a snake bite in women and children’s ward. It might be good if Cason and Jolie went by to say hi and took a small gift. Do you have Pastor James Wilson’s email and or tel number? As you know, he has a ministry with the Fulani. Thanks, Bert

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