Sunday the Gardener

Posted: October 26, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, People of Egbe

sundayHis name is Sunday – the Gardener. You will know him when you come to visit Egbe because he wears bright floral pants. You can see him as he walks throughout the compound mowing the lawn – his bright pants distinguishing him from the other workers. He has a kind face and when he smiles his teeth stand out pearly white against his dark skin. When visitors come to visit, he introduces himself as “Small Trouble” and smiles. In many ways, Sunday has been small trouble for a long time. Although extremely loyal, he had a bad temper and would not take orders from his Nigerian managers. He had issues getting along with his fellow workers and would pick fights.
Each morning, the workers and missionaries would gather for workshop devotions. Sunday joined and for many weeks would just listen to them teach. They talked about Jesus and how He wants us to live. One day, Sunday started to ask random questions. “Who is Eve?” “Why do they say, ‘I am not my brother’s keeper?” At first the Ogas (bosses) thought maybe Sunday was asking questions to get attention or to show how he knew more than the rest. His questions were often random and off topic and when he would raise his hand everyone thought, “Oh – here goes Sunday again.”

sunday1One morning, Sunday raised his hand. “Yes, Sunday?” was the response with the anticipation of yet another off topic question. “How do you become a Christian?” The missionaries perceived that he was sincere and took him to the side and were able to introduce him to the Lord! While they were talking with Sunday another man came and wanted to know the Lord as well. Two workshop Salvations – Praise God!

Since then, “Small Trouble” has changed. He doesn’t cause trouble; he doesn’t try to fight – his attitude to those around him reflects the faith in his heart. It’s been night and day difference. He used to rake leaves at 5 AM outside of the compound houses – if you’ve been to Egbe you might have been woken up by our friend. Now instead of raking at 5 AM, he goes to church each morning.

Egbe WorkersSunday is illiterate, so giving him a Bible would not help to disciple him. The missionaries decided to give him a megavoice solar powered device that had the Bible on it in his own language. He can press a button and hear the Word of God wherever he goes. Sunday carries it with him almost everywhere and listens to it constantly. When he’s on break or working, he will listen to it. When he’s coming to the house to get fuel for a machine, he listens to it. When he’s mowing the lawn and probably can’t hear anything, he’s listening to it.
God’s Word is making a difference in the life of this new believer. Maybe when you come you will recognize him not only by his flowered pants but by the faith in his heart and the device reading him God’s Word in his pocket.

DSC_7050This was written by a short term missionary for Megavoice. This story happened before my family arrived. Now Sunday is known as Baba Bingo because he is our dog, Bingo, daddy. When Bingo was a puppy he would follow Sunday every morning at 5:30am until devotions at 8am to rake all the leaves and remove the rubbish. Everywhere you saw Sunday you would see our puppy Bingo. Sunday not only walks with the Lord but he takes care of his children and his wife that live in another town. With the little salary he makes at the hospital he sends his children to school and puts food on the table for his family. He stays in Egbe because that is where the work is and he is loved by many.

  1. Joyce Miller says:

    Thank you for this story of great redemption! Praise the Lord for Spirit-led leaders that answered questions even when motive was questioned! Definitely a God-birth because of an opportunity not missed. We loved our Nigerian workers because of or inspite of their quirks. Blessings!

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