Orphans of Egbe

Posted: November 9, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Nigeria

DSC_0003When Emma and I put together our 3-year plan for C.A.R.E. Africa we knew we wanted to find a way to help the orphans of Egbe. We didn’t want to start an orphanage, but we wanted to find a way to help. A home care program was what we envisioned would be the most effective. Empower an orphan through education and discipleship while educating the caretaker too. Again, this was a part of our three-year vision for C.A.R.E Africa…. until 3 boys came to work at Egbe Hospital.

13 year old Success and Wale came to sign up for temporary labor one Monday morning at Egbe Hospital. Lenny of course looked at them and told them they were too small. They begged him to let them work because they wanted to make money for school fees. They explained they were orphans living with their grandmothers. Lenny brought them to me to see what C.A.R.E. Africa could do. I sat the boys down to talk and they would barely speak or smile. I called Emma and he was able to pull out of them all of the trials they had been through over the years.

10685513_1703994026491509_7092276320506042589_nThe following day we had the joy of meeting the grandmothers.  After hearing their stories of abandonment and poverty, my heart was broken. These elderly women had been raising these boys for years with absolutely nothing. How could we just stand by and continue to watch these grandmothers struggle and these boys beg for money so they could go to school? Emma and I were not ready to start the Home Care program but God evidentially was.



We currently have the boys enrolled in school. They are in school till 5pm everyday and then come on Saturdays for tutoring and Bible time with Katie,  then mentorship with Emma. Every week we are contacting the school to check on performance, grades and conduct. Bi-weekly we are making home visits and have a curriculum that includes everything from Hygiene to saving money.

We are excited that this week we have four more applicants, one of which is a beautiful Mu$im Fulani girl.  Emma and I both are enjoying  watching God drive this as it was not part of our agenda. This make it so much more sweeter. There are plenty of children in Egbe that need God’s love and protection. Will you help us help them?

DSC_0020To enroll a child in school and buy them a backpack, books and school supplies is $225 and then every term the cost is $95 for them to continue. Would you prayerfully consider sending an orphan in Egbe to school? Click on this link Egbe Education to send a child to school.

  1. Mel Rearden says:

    Hey Patrice! God bless this new work! Quick question: how long is a term and how many terms in the year? Tell all there we say hi! Mike and Melissa


  2. Fred says:

    What kind of school is part of your program? How about a co-op program for older kids to learn trades as well as get an education? Tell us more.

    • They call it apprenticeship here and yes the boys will be doing these on breaks and this summer. Our hospital is full of awesome trades to learn from construction to medical and accounting. I am super excited to see what they pick.

  3. The school is an existing school that met our criteria and is well known in the community as a good school.

  4. Jennifer Forman says:

    Patrice: This is Collins Forman, Jennifer’s husband/Amanda’s father, and I am writing for information that will allow us to donate to your Care Africa ministry with the school children. We would like to donate using our NCF donor advised fund. In order to do that, we will need your ID number or some other way to send the money through SIM so that it will get to you and not get lost among the many SIM missionaries. Also, could you tell us if there are any administrative costs that they will deduct from the gift? Anyway, if you could send us that information, then we will get a gift on the way to you. You may write Amanda or Jennifer with the information, but it would be more direct for you to send it to my email address: collinsforman@hotmail.com We are blessed by the ministry you have embraced there, and are grateful for yours and Lenny’s service. Yours in Christ, Collins

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