We Are Coming Home!

Posted: November 29, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria, SIM

goWe knew only a few months after living in Egbe, that we were in our sweet spot. Now 15 months later our family can definitely say, this is one of the hardest things we have ever done. We love it here but the work is overwhelming and the need is unimaginable. Everyday we feel like a vacuum sucks everything out of us. The heat, the body ailments, lack of American comforts the spiritual attacks and so much more make us want to just pack up and go home some days. Other days, a laugh comes from a worker who you have never heard laugh before, a small child tells you it is the best day of their life because you gave them candy, a 14 year old smiles for the first time because they are wearing their first school uniform or your day is brightened from a long talk on the back porch with your Nigerian sister about culture. Days like these you thank God he has called you to be a part of this amazing project.

10679628_10154667488580492_1152869218250283894_oIn February we will step foot on US soil after 18 months in the bush. We are super excited and also a little nervous. The emotions will flood us as we step foot into a church that we have only gotten to hear from our labtop. Nephews and nieces that were small, will be big. Places we knew and roads we could find won’t be so easy to know or find anymore. Friends we spent time with will have moved on and found new friends. We will truly understand the concept that a home is not a place.

“The good works that really matter require the help of heaven. And the help of heaven requires working past the point of fatigue so far that only the meek and the lowly will keep going long enough. The Lord doesn’t put us through the test to give us a grade; he does it because the process will change us.” Elder Henry B. Eyring.

SIM_red blackWe are so excited to announce that we are switching from Associate missionaries to Long Termers with SIM. We have several obligations to fulfill so we will be making a small home visit for one month, in February 2015. We will then return to Egbe for another 9 months. In November of 2015 we will come home for 3 months to complete our long-term requirements and start support raising for our long term mission. In 2016, with your support, we will return to our new home, Egbe Nigeria as long term missionaries.

We can’t wait to see you all in a little over two months! The countdown begins!

  1. Mary Kolawole. says:

    God has really used you guys for the awesome work done in Egbe and as a matter of fact you have set a landmark that could not be erased from the history of the entire community. God bless and reward your labor of love in Jesus’ name. We’ll be glad to see your lovely faces again.

  2. Garrison Polsgrove says:

    Praise God!!! I’m am so excited for you and your family. Your faith inspires me. I love you.

  3. sherry spanyer says:

    Patrice, I have loved reading about your adventures and prayed for you and your work. You are very inspirational.

  4. I can’t even omagine what it must be like to pick up your family and move to the other side of the world, cut off from everyone and everything you love. You are truly on God’s mission. Love and miss you guys!

  5. Lorri Keeney says:

    Very proud and inspired by your strength and your great gift to listen to the word of God. Congrats. Coming home will be different but will have new rewards. Home is where the heart is; not the building, for sure!

  6. Jolene Eicher says:

    Momma is looking forward to it!

  7. Dale Maddux says:

    Good Morning, Miles In Missions: Thank you for the news of your surrender to our Lord’s call for full time mission ministry. We shall keep you in prayer as you make the adjustments. Enjoy living in the SONLight, Dale and Delores

  8. James and mary Eicher says:

    We pray the support money is above and beyond what you will need. So proud of you all. Love,grahdma and grandpa in Texas

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