Yomi and the Whale

Posted: April 10, 2015 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

Swept Away

IMG_5847 Yomi working on generators as Jesse watches on.

Just recently we hired a new worker amongst the Egbe Hospital maintenance team named Abayomi a.k.a. “Yomi”. Yomi has family from Egbe, but has been living in Lagos, Nigeria for several years. Lagos is located on the south west coast of Nigeria and actually ranks as the fourth most populated city in the world! Yomi works on big ships coming in and out of the Nigerian ports and specializes in large engine work such as generators. Yomi immediately became a great asset to our team. We ourselves have three large generators running our hospital and housing compound from which we rely on heavily day and night.  His skills are tremendous, his personality a match with the other guys, and he has even been teaching some of the other mechanics in the work shop many things they did not know!  However, when Yomi came to us…

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