Tobi the Artist

Posted: June 7, 2015 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

Swept Away

IMG_6064Nick and I both have been very blessed with remarkably healthy lives. We have never found ourselves sick or injured for an extended period of time,  never confined to a hospital room or bed ridden.  However, we can imagine it to be a rather unpleasant, miserable, and gloomy experience -even if it is to be in the western world with plush medical amenities!

Meet Tobi Jimoh.  Tobi has been at ECWA Hospital Egbe since January as result of a badly broken leg (femur, fibula, and tibia). Tobi works at a block factory, making cinderblocks.  While using a machine his leg became trapped inside, snapped, and undeniably left mangled.  Upon being rushed to the hospital our medical team was able to treat Tobi’s injury, but without an orthopedic surgeon the only option was to set the bones through the use of traction.  The less than luxurious traction bed became Tobi’s home from January until April as the weight and pulley system slowly worked to…

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  1. Fred says:

    How large are these pictures? Could he do specific pictures for sale such as a picture of your campus there?

    • He could definitely do whatever someone wanted. The sizes are at the largest 24×12

      • Fred says:

        I think the nearest standard size frame would be a 17 x 11 then. I’d like a picture that size that includes the Miles home and surroundings.

      • says:

        17 x 11 is closest std size frames, you could take a picture of your home and surrounding buildings and let him draw it for me.


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  2. mary eicher says:

    Always good to hear from you and know how to pray. We will see Jolene and Fred next Sat. A man in our church game me money to go to Ky to see family and friends. Love, Grandma in Ky

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