MMEveryday I walk to a beautiful new guesthouse with the name over the door McKenzie Manor. In the kitchen of that guesthouse I have devotions with my girls in the mornings. The discussions we have about what God is doing in our lives and the beautiful songs we sing bring such joy to my life. I have heard of the McKenzies but I have never met them. I know that God put Egbe on their hearts when they visited a few years ago with their girls and they donated in a big way. The sacrifice they made now brings joy to my life, my girls in the kitchen and also the volunteers. Lives are changed in this guesthouse. I don’t know if when they said “Yes” to God, they even new what that “Yes” would do.

mm2Today I got to know the McKenzie family a little better. Their story was in the South Florida news. Broward Sheriff’s Office confirms that Kenneth McKenzie, 52, and Sonia McKenzie, 50, left Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Sunday. Shortly after take off the engine died. They crashed in the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Kenneth McKenzie was airlifted to Broward Health North Medical Center with severe burns. Sonia McKenzie was transported to Broward Health North by ground and since has been released.

God says our life on this earth is like a mist. We wake up everyday thinking we will have our health, money, family and job just like we did yesterday. We think of everything we have to do, how much money we need to make, what bills we need to pay, what education our children need to have, what our next vacation will be, what our neighbors have that we don’t, what person got on our nerves yesterday and what birthday present we need to buy this week. Until we get that phone call, experience that weird pain in our chest or see that car heading in our direction, we don’t think about how short our time on earth is.

Hug your kids, call your friend, forgive your parents, love your husband, be satisfied with the life God has given you, stop sweating the small stuff and give your time and resources away to those in need. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Mathew 6:21

Please pray for the McKenzie family! For full article click Egbe Hospital.

  1. mary eicher says:

    Sweetie I will pray and get others to pray. Love, Grandma in Texas

  2. Megan says:

    Patrice, How right you and the Bible are that are lives are but a mist. We are all one phone call away from a tragedy. I will be praying for this family.

  3. Bert Oubre says:

    Well done. So true. So sorry to hear this. Bert

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  4. Cindy Warren says:

    I needed to hear this as I head back to the Philippines tomorrow. Will be in prayer for the family.

  5. Linda Johnson says:


    What a powerful message you shared with me this morning! I will share it with many others, including my church family.

    Our children’s’ Sunday school classes and congregation were so excited to get the pictures and letters from your kids! I hope to mailing back letters and pictures from our children (and maybe a few adults) soon.

    God bless and keep you, your family and all of Egbe in his loving, protective arms!

    Linda Johnson Center City Baptist Church

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  6. The Riddle's says:

    Wow!! A story for everyone to hear!!! Rebloggin 😉

  7. The Riddle's says:

    Reblogged this on Swept Away and commented:
    A great story!!!

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