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Posted: September 18, 2015 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions, Nigeria
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ziplocZiploc bags in Nigeria are like gold. We re-use them over and over again. My paned windows in my house are lined with them everyday as this is the best way to dry them. I will never forget my first visit back to the states and the mind battle I had every time I threw away a Ziploc bag.

Our guesthouse recently ran out of the bags. Kemi, our guesthouse manager, went to Abuja for her monthly Shoprite visit. “No ziploc bags!” she reported back. I had a US Embassy appointment in Abuja and was told I could get Ziploc bags at the Wuse Nigerian market. The last thing I wanted to do with the few free hours I had in Abuja, was visit the chaotic Wuse market, but we needed Ziploc bags. On our way to market, we were stopped by Nigerian police. After being threatened, making it half way to the police station and then being let go, they had delayed us an hour! The Ziploc bags were going to have to wait as our US Embassy appointment was nearing. All I want to do is buy some ziploc bags! ziploc2Why is that so hard? HAHA, becuase you live in Nigeria!

I had to blog this as this is one of the many small things I took for granted in America. I think it is funny at the lengths I have to go to now to find small things that in America you just drive down the road to buy. If you are an expat, I would love to know a few items you took for granted in your home country. Comment below and share with everyone what gold looks like where you live now. For all you Americans reading this blog……the next time you throw away a ziploc bag….think of me 🙂

  1. says:

    Patrice, Send me your address and I will send you some zip lock baggies. Cathy Keeling

  2. Rema says:

    I love this!! We actually use our ziplock bags over and over again too. I stick them over the faucet and water spout to dry out. We do this mainly because they can be costly and we don’t want to be wasteful. Not because they are inaccessible. Can’t imagine going through what you went through, all for ziplock bags. Thanks for the perspective. We take so many things for granted.

  3. Steve and Jody Grasser says:

    Yes Patrice, we empathize with the zip-lock bags! We were in Haiti 8 months in 2013, and understand that definitely “just jumping in vehicle and going to the store” definitely means something very different in countires like these! God Bless!

  4. Mary Eicher says:

    Can we send ziplocks to you? If so what is the address? Love, Grandma in Texas

  5. Art LeMaster says:

    When we lived in Indonesia, we got parts to restore our old Harley-Davidson’s through a guy who worked at the Dutch embassy. He was ‘Franky the Dutchman’. It was either Frank or hand carry when you were on you annual vacation. It REALLY makes you appreciate the USA!

  6. JCBergren says:

    How are you guys doing? It is cool to be able to follow what yall are up to even two years later!

    I have been thinking about your family a lot lately since we have a Nigerian man staying with us at our house. He is a missionary to South Sudan but is from Nigeria. He is over there about half the year but him and his family still live in Nigeria. They are near Lagos I think.

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