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Posted: December 25, 2015 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Fundraising, Miles In Missions, Nigeria



I remember in college walking to class and seeing a “FREE t-shirt” of John Belushi. Three years later when the credit card I signed up for still had a balance, I realized that the “FREE t-shirt” was actually a huge learning experience and definitely not “FREE”.

Miles in Missions is having one last big fundraising blow out! Our goal is to give away 100 “FREE t-shirts”. For a minimum donation of $25 to our ministry we will send you a “FREE t-shirt”. Simply click SIM and make your donation online and put in the memo “FREE”.

We promise we will never send you a past due notice or call you with debt-collections. Instead, by becoming an Egbe-ite you are helping us give away the one thing in life that is FREE, salvation.

Please remember your gift is a tax-deductible donation, so if you want to have an end of year 2015 donation please do so by December 31st.

Merry Christmas

  1. seikenberry says:

    Dear Miles Family

    Thanks for your good letters. I am praying for you to get all of your support and to be able to return to Nigeria soon. Maybe I’ll see you in Jos or Miango some time.

    I have just returned from a fabulous visit to Egbe. The 10 hour drive wasn’t too bad. We left at 6:00, arriving about 4:00 pm in the afternoon. The Bradfords welcomed me to the guest house. The MacKenzie Manor is lovely! You guys set the standard for mission guest houses. Love that royal blue! I loved my room C and my driver stayed in the “club house.” A lovely chapel service on Sunday morning, concert by Martha Bradford Sunday evening, and an excellent tour of the hospital on Monday morning. I was so impressed with how big the facility is and how each department is renovated with excellence–state of the art equipment, etc. Bradfords and Dr. Jen kept me company. We even saw Titcombe College and the King’s new palace being built. (I have never been to Egbe before, but my father brought a team of athletes from Kagoro to Titcombe College back in the 1960’s.)

    Gabriel was really excited about my trip and sent card and money for his team in Egbe for Christmas. Martha sent gifts back with me for his family.

    Anyway, I am happy that even with a short visit, I am now familiar with Egbe Hospital Revitalization project.

    Merry Christmas,

    Sylvia Eikenberry

    *Sylvia Eikenberry* Hillcrest School 13 Old Bukuru Road P.O. Box 652 Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria


  2. Goodluck mommy,God help you.

  3. Mary Eicher says:

    I am a true 14. Fred said he would take care of it for me. if that is large fine if not then do xlarge. I do not do a slim at all!! Love you all hon,

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