Teacher Appreciation Day

Posted: March 4, 2016 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

Swept Away

IMG_1858 CARE Africa Team with School Staff

The CARE Africa team had the exciting, privilege of hosting our first Teacher Appreciation Day! A time designated to honoring the teachers and administrators of Living Springs Academy, the school in which all twenty-eight of our CARE kids are currently enrolled and attending.   During this time together we sought to express our gratitude, question them about their needs, and of course pamper them a bit with refreshments. Teacher Appreciation is a well-known practice in the states, but for this group of educators it felt slightly bizarre to feel so appreciated!

IMG_5336 Classroom

Sitting amongst the crowd as a fellow teacher, I really identified and sympathized with their struggles. Teaching, no matter your location in the world, already offers its standard level of complimentary challenges. You know things like hours of lesson planning, grading endless stacks of papers, disciplining uncompromising children, keeping parents happy, and simultaneously remaining…

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  1. Mary Eicher says:

    Pray for Alice please. When you talk to your mom ask her to tell you what is going on. So proud of you all. Love, Old Grandma Eicher

  2. Meg Ackley says:

    Well done, Patrice and Katie! May God Himself give you much wisdom and favor as you take on this very worthy undertaking! Exciting and faith building! We are praying!

  3. Linda Kohn says:

    Thanking God for every minute of every teacher in Nigeria!!!

    Thanking God they are there and able and willing to be a blessing!

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