AWANA Miracle

Posted: May 11, 2016 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions, Nigeria, Orphans

DSC_0212C.A.R.E. Africa D Groups have been such a blessing to our children and our volunteers for almost a year now. Our eyes were opened to how little our children know about salvation, sin, repentance and just the basics. We realized we really needed to start from the Genesis 1:1 in order to truly disciple these kids.

DSC_0233We were excited to find AWANA Nigeria several months ago and have been pursing them ever sense. Visits to JOS, sharing with local pastors, training and more had prepared us to start the program in April. The last thing remaining was uniforms. The Nigerian AWANA version divides the children into 4 separate colored teams which helps with the games, record keeping, council time and team time. It is wonderful but each uniform is 900 Niara each.

I work with orphans who cannot afford their own school uniform so an extra curricular uniform would be out of the question. I reached out to a couple of donors asking for help with the cost of the uniforms. Over and over I kept on running into closed doors. We postponed our April start date and rescheduled for May. I told God that if he wanted us to start AWANA in Egbe he needed to provide.

DSC_0283The next week I got an email from someone who told me she had soccer supplies she could donate. I expressed my joy in this, but told her that we had bigger needs then that and asked if she new anyone that could help. I explained AWANA and our need for uniforms. I also explained the 5 applications of children wanting to join C.A.R.E. but cannot b/c I don’t have a sponsors for them. She emailed back thanking me for my honesty and said she would take care of all the AWANA uniforms, sponsor a child and reach out to a few churches she knows could probably sponsor a few children too.

WOW! God is so good and I love it when he shows off. I had to share to encourage anyone that is facing an obstacle right now.  John 5:14 says to bring your requests to him with confidence! He will answer you! Just be open to a NO or a YES, and know that his will and his timing are always best.

DSC_0247We started AWANA last Monday and had 45 children attend. This previous Monday we had 60 show up. We are expecting our club will probably have 100 by the end of the month. We need an AWANA club from the U.S. to sponsor us. If you know of any clubs in the U.S. looking to sponsor a club in Africa can you email me at




  1. Rick Bradford says:

    Great blog!


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Linda Kohn says:

    That is so cool, love reading your posts and seeing God at work☺

    Awesome update and we continue to pray for you and your family☺


    Linda Kohn

  3. Norma Miles says:

    Happy Birthday,beautiful lady!!.i will be happy to buy 10 shirts for the a wanna do I get the money to you???

    • Thanks so much for my birthday gift. You can mail a check made payable to SIM USA and mail to;
      SIM USA
      P.O. Box 7900
      Charlotte, NC 28241
      Attn Donor Care

      Make sure to write in the memo on your check #040380 Awana

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