I am so weak.

Posted: December 15, 2016 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Egbe, Miles In Missions, Nigeria, Patrice Miles, Prayer

img_4779Recently one of our C.A.R.E. Africa caretakers, Gift, had a baby. She called me when she arrived at the hospital. Within 15 minutes she called again to tell me that she had the baby. I rushed down to the hospital and there she was sitting up in a chair with the baby next to her already dressed in some clothes. In a total of 30 minutes, she had a baby naturally. The baby was dressed, she was out of labor and delivery, in the ward at her bed, sitting in a chair making phone calls, and all ready to go home.

I was in complete shock and awe because when I had my two children, both of my labors lasted over a day. I had an epidural so I could handle the pain and I pushed for hours. My recovery was another day with pain pills and ibuprofen brought to me every so many hours, food delivered to me three times a day, the baby taken so I could rest, air conditioned room, and a comfy remote controlled bed. I am so weak!

img_4786When it was time for Gift to go home there was some confusion on her bill and I had to go down to the hospital during dinnertime to make sure she could go home. I immediately was inconvenienced as I was trying to enjoy dinner with my family. Then as I am trying to get out the door my seamstress stops by to drop a new outfit and a Chief from the town drives up to give me paperwork on a school that C.A.R.E. Africa is about to lease. Uggghhh……. I finally got to the hospital, flustered of course, and see Gift. She has her new daughter on the breast and 3 large bags all ready to go. I looked at everything and said, “Gift, how are you planning on getting home?” She looked at me like I was stupid and said “Okada” (the motorcycle taxi that everyone uses to get around). Really!!!! How was she going to get this new born baby and three large bags down to the road, hail an Okada and then get on the motorcycle with all this stuff and the baby.

I of course didn’t let her do this and got a car to take her home. I have no doubt Gift would have managed without me just fine. Nigerian women are so strong in dealing with what they endure on a daily basis just by living life. Not to mention what the deal with in this male dominated culture and poverty stricken environment amazes me. They are so strong and I am so weak.


Ngozi, Our C.A.R.E. baby seeing her new baby sister for the first time.

I looked at my self and thought about how I stomped down to the hospital perturbed my dinner was interrupted and that my seamstress and the Chief delayed me. I think about how I constantly worry I am too fat, how I complain about my kids messes and what they leave laying around or how I am so hot in this harmattan season that I can barely function every day. It amazes me that after living in Africa for 3.5 years I am still so weak. I think I already knew this but today God is showing me that I am always going to be weak. He is the only one that can make me strong and I have to find satisfaction in him and not in my surroundings. Pray for me as I continue to find strength and satisfaction in my Father in heaven.

  1. Mary Eicher says:

    Yes sweetie I will pray. That should be the prayer of every Christian. Love, Old Grandma Eicher in Texas

  2. Jolene says:

    Love when you share these personal stories of how God reveals His truths to you. Keep on sharing.

  3. Melissa Miller says:


    First of all I am still in shock that Gift got to the hospital was in labor had the baby, nursed and was ready to go home. WOW! She’s my hero.
    Also, please don’t ever feel that you are weak. You and your family have changed and affected so many lives in Africa through God’s
    Guidance and love. I have never met you but I follow you and your family on FB and am so humbled by what you selfishly do everyday to try and make a better life for so many. “Toilet” baby touched me like none other. Look at the people that God put in deaths path to save that sweet baby. I believe she is destined for Greatness. Have a Blessed Christmas 🎄
    Melissa Miller

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. God uses us all in different ways and in different places. I am blessed to get to be his hands and feet in Nigeria but am constantly reminded of how small I am and how big he is. Praise the Lord he is big becuase I couldn’t do this everyday without him.

  4. Joanne inger says:

    No way are you weak…you are an amazing,caring woman..to be admired

  5. igunnubole says:

    This one of the many reasons that your absence in Egbe would definitely caused a very BIG vacuum  Blessings, Moses O. E & Christianah Igunnubole 

    Sent from my Samsung device

  6. Susan Snyder says:

    Well said Patricia. We will always be weak – so we will always have a reason to turn to Jesus. Oh that we would do that before we pretend to be strong. Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas.



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