Are you crazy?

Posted: December 20, 2016 by Patrice Miles in Egbe Hosptial, Egbe Nigeria, Missionaries, Nigeria, Volunteers

img_1296“Are you crazy?” That is what I would say to Dr Duncan and her husband Mike if I didn’t know them. If I had heard about a woman who owns her own OBGYN practice and packs up her stuff for a month every year to take her vacation in Nigeria, a woman and her husband who give up a month of their life every year and actually pay to come and sweat in Egbe. I would say “They are crazy!”

I am honored to say I know Mike and Dr Christal Duncan and they aren’t crazy. They have served at Egbe Hospital every year since I arrived in August of 2013. Every time they come 15178078_10154670169933808_3387031655769115867_nthe hospital is filled with patients from all over Nigeria to see her. Women who thought they couldn’t have babies are healed, lives are changed through the gospel she shares, the hospital can pay its bills for another few months, all because Mike and Christal said “Yes”. Christal said “Yes” to giving up her Thanksgiving with family this year and came to do 54 surgeries and 200 consults. Mike said “Yes” and gave up his Thanksgiving with family this year to make a difference in construction and maintenance and baked us missionaries some really great pies!

I continue to be amazed at who and how God calls his workers to the field. Is he calling you? Just because the Miles family is moving to Northern Nigeria, doesn’t mean that Egbe Hospital doesn’t still need short and long term missionaries. Visit to see all the available opportunities for short and long term missionaries and say “Yes” to Egbe.

Critical areas of need or long and short term missionaries is Director of Administration, Missionary Kid Teacher, Office Manager, Guesthouse Manager, Dentist, Biomedical Tech, Optomologist and more

  1. Mary Eicher says:

    As you know hon I pray for every need to be met. Been thinking of you all being here last year. Waht a Christmas present that was from Jesus. Give hugs and love to all. Old Grandma Eicher in Texas

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