What are you going to do?

Posted: January 5, 2017 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions, Nigeria, Orphans, Patrice Miles, SIM, Spring Of Life

what-are-you-going-to-doWhen we announced we were moving to Nigeria in 2013, the number one question I received was “What are you going to do?” Everyone understood Lenny’s role, but they wondered how I was going to manage going from a businesswomen to a stay at home homeschooling mom. Fast-forward to 2017 and I have to laugh at all the hats I wear… Egbe Hospital Revitalization Accountant, Office Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Guesthouse Manager, C.A.R.E. Africa Marketing Manager and Spring of Life Project Manager. I had never expected to fill any of these roles when I said yes to the missions call, but God knew. He had been preparing me for years in my U.S. business life for this time in Egbe, Nigeria.

As God turns another page in The Miles Family book, and we move to Jos, I am again hearing the same question, “What are you going to do?” I can only tell you what I am excited about doing, but God is always up to something so much bigger so I am cautious of saying what I will definitely be doing. In addition to supporting my husband in his new communication role with SIM Nigeria and being the mom of a middle and high schooler, I am excited about being able to focus 100% of my time on my two ministries, C.A.R.E. Africa and Spring of Life.


C.A.R.E. Africa Staff

Many people see all my Facebook posts and Blogs and think that I run these two projects, but I don’t. Spring of Life has been around since 2007 and Pastor Alabi leads and runs the project. C.A.R.E. Africa was inspired by Emma Salako and I have just help him bring it to life. I am the consultant and marketing manager for these two projects. My job is to consult when needed and make sure everyone around the globe knows what these ministries are about and how they can help.

For the past 3.5 years I have helped with these two projects but not at the level I have wanted to due to the several roles I fill with the Revitalization project. As much as I will miss my staff and friends in E.H.R., I am so excited to get to be able to focus 100% of my time now on C.A.R.E. and Spring of Life.


Pastor Alabi and Spring of Life Staff

In Jos, I will have access to 100’s of ministries that are doing empowerment, family preservation, orphan care, and AIDS prevention at a much higher level than are available in Egbe. My plan is to learn from these amazing ministries what is working and what is not and then implement what I learn in Egbe. I also want to  increase marketing outside of my sphere of influence and find government as well as NGO’s around the globe to partner with us. With more resources these two projects can help disciple and empower more men, women and children in Egbe. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in 2017 with our 40 orphans, 26 caretakers and over 300+ HIV patients. Please continue to pray for me, my family, and our current staff and friends as we turn this new page in Nigeria.

  1. Mary Eicher says:

    Hon I pray everyday for you all there. It is exciting to see what God is doing with you all.I have a prayer request. Liz teaches special needs children. One of the children died last night. pray for her and the family that lost the child. I do not have the childs name right now. Love you all. Give the children a hug from me. Love, old grandma in Texas

  2. Joanne ingrr says:

    What an amazing family you are

  3. igunnubole says:

    The almighty God shall turn the new page for you in Nigeria and any where you go because of your open mind toward less fortunate people with the fear of God in you and you aspire to raise the economic and spiritual standard of those you are serving. May the blessings of God continue to abide with you and your family.  Moses O. E. & Christianah C. I. Igunnubole 

    Sent from my Samsung device

  4. Melissa Miller says:

    WOW!! I will continue to pray for you and your
    Family and all that you do to help the
    People of Nigeria make a better life for themselves.
    I also want to say that I think that the
    Life that you and your family are living
    Is the best education and gift that you have given your children. May God continue to
    Bless and guide you❤
    Melissa Miller

  5. Renee (Bunny) Stoke says:

    SO proud of all you have accomplished and will accomplish. God has great plans for all of us, but few are as obedient as you (and your family). I know you will continue to be a blessing in Jos, and wherever he leads you. Be safe, and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

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