We’ve Moved!

Posted: April 24, 2017 by Lenny in Uncategorized

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Wow, I will say that time has certainly flown by for our family. Although it was nearly six months ago, it seems just like yesterday that we were in the beginning stages of planning a transition from Egbe to Jos here in Nigeria!

15591372_750147471803158_5057877334834634317_oSince then it has been nothing short of busy for us in preparation to leave Egbe well. We had to plan how other missionaries or Nigerian staff might take over our responsibilities, train them, and watch them implement everything. We are very glad to report that everyone has stepped up greatly and we feel comfortable with leaving everything in others hands.

Also during this time, we had to plan IMG_8435a move which has it’s very own set of challenges. In a place were logistics can be nothing short of difficult, we had to find a reliable moving truck, reliable drivers, and a place to store our things temporarily. Praise the Lord that HE was orchestrating this move, because in all of our preparation, we never could have imagined this going so smoothly. After just a few emails to another missionary in Jos, he found aIMG_8438 Nigerian Doctor who is greatly involved in missions work that would send his truck and driver down to move us. Being a little skeptical, I had my doubts. Was the truck large enough for all of our things?    Was the truck completely enclosed to protect our stuff from the rain? Was the driver trustworthy enough not to find things within our belongings that might be valuable to him? Was the truck maintained and strong enough to make the long journey on these bumpy roads? I was more than elated when I first laid my eyes on the truck! It was everything we needed and more.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.27.19 PMAlso, in the last couple of months we have also made the decision to come back to the USA for 12 weeks starting May 1st. We have felt the Lord leading us “home” to give everyone an update on our time in Nigeria and the ministries we are going to be involved with after we make the final transition to Jos. We’ve been preparing several events for all of you to connect with us, planning trips crisscrossing the USA to see supporting churches, creating new brochures and literature in order to share with everyone, and arranging some downtime with family to get some much needed rest after this whirlwind of activity.

One thing that I continued to be reminded of is that God is certainly in control. He has ordained all of the moving, planning, and our futures. We cannot wait to see all of you! please remember these two great opportunities to come out, get an update, hear about our transitions in Nigeria, and just to visit with us! Click the images below for more info…

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.38.04 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.37.41 PM

  1. Yolanda LeMaster says:

    Praise be to God for his love endures forever! He takes care of all the minor details. Safe journeys. It would be great if ALASKA was one of your stops.

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  2. igunnubole@aol.com says:

    We are very very sad seeing you leaving EGBE where you have served with spirit of endurance with joy. You always accommodate those who were difficult to work by presenting your Christian maturity. Thank you very much for your service in Egbe Land. The Igunnuboles

  3. Susan Snyder says:

    Again, we would love to see you when you are in Charlotte.


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