Is Your Presence Worth More Than Your Money?

Posted: November 15, 2017 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Miles In Missions, Mission Trip, Missionaries, Nigeria, Orphans, Prayer, SIM, Volunteers

bebeeteamI recently was blessed to get to hear a friend tell about her experience when she came to Nigeria and worked in our ministry. She made a statement that really stuck with me. She told a story of the first time she visited Nigeria and was on the bus to Egbe. She asked a national on the bus, “Wouldn’t you just prefer us to send all the money that this trip cost instead of actually coming?” The national replied “No! Your presence is worth more than your money.”

Spending money to come to Nigeria versus sending the money to Nigeria has long been a struggle for many who desire to come visit us.  The average cost per person for airfare, accommodations and meals is $2,000.  A five (5) person mission trip would cost about $10,000.  That could buy a bus for our ministry right now! But you heard it from the mouth of a native Nigerian. “Your presence is worth more than your money!”

17309453_10155029234743808_2000218112937027946_nI have witnessed the effects your visit has on the nationals when short term mission trips are done right.   I notice the smiles my staff, kids and caregivers carry on their faces, the change of attitude, and I see their renewed spirit.  For people to leave their loved ones, their home and country to come meet us and encourage us is invaluable.  We all are impacted. We all see Jesus through a different cultural lens.  The nationals see openness, vulnerability, humility, sacrifice, words of affirmation and so many other things that are not normal for Nigerian culture. The love they receive from you fills them so much that they are spilling over. Christ’s love is being spread to others for weeks after your team leaves.

Last Import - 405 of 581I am not saying that we don’t need money. We have ongoing finances that must be met. What I am saying is that your presence is as precious as your money. So yes send your money….but if God is calling you to come and show Christ’s love to us – do not hesitate – your presence will never be forgotten and your visit will mean the world to us.

P.S. I wrote this in my journal on Nov 11th. On the 13th we found out that Nigeria is changing the regulations on Tourist Visas. They are going to start requiring all visitors go to D.C. to be fingerprinted prior to approval of a Nigerian tourist Visa. This would deter most teams from coming to serve with us so we need your prayers! Please pray that this new regulation does not last or they come up with a more efficient way for visitors to have their fingerprints captured.

Watch Live Oak Christian Church service were Beebe Team shares their short term mission experiences in Nigeria.Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.10.36 PM




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