You are one of those…..

Posted: December 23, 2017 by Patrice Miles in Lenny Miles, Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria, Patrice Miles, Prayer, SIM

We Couldn't do this without you

You are one of those….. “We couldn’t do this without you” people. You are one of those…. that shows up for us. You are one of those…. we lean on. You are one of those…. that allows us to do what we do in Nigeria.

You have housed us longer than is socially acceptable.
You have made meals for us or taken us out to eat.
You have licked envelopes for us.
You have sent encouraging emails and notes to us.
You have prayed for us.
You have raised early in the morning to go to the airport for us.
You have hefted 20, 50 lb. bags for us.
You have run to the store and shipped weird items to people coming to Nigeria for us.
You have loaded items on containers for us.
You have helped us with some piece of  paperwork for a passport, taxes and or insurance.
You have slipped cash in our pocket.
You have mailed Christmas cards for us.
You have shared our story with others who now support us.
You have worked long hours at a CARE Africa booth for us.
You have raised money for us.
You have boarded a plane to come and visit us.
You have worked a job so you can quietly, faithfully make a donation to us.

You are the unsung heroes of the faith.

Goers get the praise, but senders are the saints. Without you, our kingdom work in Nigeria would deflate. You are the helium in our balloons, the gas in our engines, the sugar in our cookies. Goers know there would be no going without the sending.

You are one of those….. “We couldn’t do this without you” people. You understand our passion, you see our calling, and say, “Yes. I am here for you”. Chances are, we haven’t thanked you enough, not enough to reflect all that you mean to us, to our work.

We want to take this Christmas season to tell you that we are so thankful for all the big and small ways you support us. Truly, we could not be if it weren’t for you.

wishing you a merry

  1. Sylvia Eikenberry says:

    Merry Christmas! Another excellent newsletter from the MIles! What a good looking family photo! Thanks for keeping in touch. I particularly liked Lenny’s video looking all around Jos that you sent some months back. Great that you could visit Egbe 2 times this semester Patrice! The kids are taller.. Hope they are enjoying Hillcrest. I am so glad I was able to spend Christmas in Egbe last year! Thank you for making me fell welcome! Who will bake your cherry pies and bring potatoes?

    Oh yes, can you send your Nigeria address for me to mail a card to you in Nigeria? Use my email address. Everyone loves to get a real card even if they are late.

    With love and prayers,

    Sylvia Eikenberry
    526 N 192nd St #206
    Shoreline, WA 98133

  2. Aaron Polsgrove says:

    Love this! Miss you all so much right now, but I know you are right where you are supposed to be.


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Jolene Eicher says:

    Well said, Patrice. We share in the mission work with you in our own way.

  4. Burgess, Kandi says:

    Beautiful family photo Patrice! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

    Have a blessed week and a Happy New Year! ☺

    Kandi Burgess
    Logistics Coordinator | World Medical Mission
    828-278-1575 |

    P.O. BOX 3000 | BOONE, NC 28607

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