My Goal, My Dream, My Life

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So many of you have been praying for Titi for some time now. I met Titi my first year in Egbe and I knew immediately she walked with the Lord because she just oozed it. I took interest in Titi and was intentional in getting to know her better. Over the past few years Titi has become a part of our family and now lives with us in Jos, Nigeria. Please be in prayer as we continue to seek God’s wisdom on college opportunities for Titi. Nearly 75% of college applicants in Nigeria fail to get admission due to limited openings. There are around 150 universities in Nigeria, with a capacity to carry 600,000 students. For a country with 180 million people,62% of them 24 or younger, that means about half of the college age population is underserved. I asked Titi to share her story with you in her own words. I pray you can “see” her heart.

My Goal, My Dream, My Life
By Titi Afolabi

When I was young I always wanted to be a doctor, I had no idea what kind of doctor I wanted to be but I loved to put on a white lab coat, sew up my teddy bear, Dickson, and pretend it was the real thing. I stuck with my dream growing up although I started realizing it was not going to be as easy as I thought and maybe a doctor was not what I really wanted to be.

My family consists of my two parents and four children of which I am the youngest. Being the youngest meant I had to fight for everything I wanted in life. My father sent us all to good secondary schools, but there was no way his salary could send all four of us to universities and still take care of the family. At some point I realized I could not wait for my siblings to finish their education before I had the chance to go to a university. I decided that if I wanted to go to university I would have to work and pay for it myself.

After three years of trying to gain admittance to different universities and not gaining admission, even after meeting the criteria, I started getting restless and kept asking God what he wanted me to do. I decided I needed to get a job and save money and that was when I came in contact with Patrice Miles and C.A.R.E Africa. C.A.R.E. Africa is a ministry that helps the voiceless and exhausted children and widows in Egbe, Nigeria. I was employed as a child mentor with the responsibility of mentoring forty children. That year was the best year of my life so far.

My time at C.A.R.E Africa developed me because for the first time in my eighteen years of life I was responsible for not only myself but also forty other people. It was amazing! I loved all the laughter, joy and problems that came with my job. Dealing with teenagers, their parents, friends and the environment they live in was not simple or easy, but the challenges only honed my skills and passion for the vulnerable.

I discovered who I really am and what I really wanted to be through my experience at C.A.R.E. Africa. For the first time, people looked to me for direction. I was apportioned duties and held accountable for my mentoring role. Eighteen children were within my age group, some of them found it hard to follow my instructions at first, but then I realized that I had to assume the role I was given and that regardless of how young I was, I could be a good example for them. After a few months they started to trust me and see me as someone they could come to regardless of how they felt.

I look back now and realize God held me back from gaining admission to university for a purpose, so I could understand and embrace who I really am. Now I am nineteen and I know with confidence what I want to be – a social worker. I want to be the voice for the neglected and voiceless, to be there for people who have been cast out by the community or society. I know it will take a lot of work but I am willing and ready. God chose me for a purpose and I am prepared to fulfill it. I will trust in Him to open doors and make my desire to attend university a reality.


  1. Hudson, Clare says:

    A beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

    Clare Hudson
    Member Care Department


  2. Victor Babawarun says:

    Thank you Miles! The impact of your love will certainly be felt for many generations to come!

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