Posted: March 8, 2018 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Nigeria

IMG_0227By Emma Salako

In February I had the honor of getting to attend TOT (Training of Trainers) training with LIA (Life in Abundance) in Kenya. First let me thank everyone that donated to allow me to attend this amazing life changing training.

My mind and heart were prepared for this travel to Kenya. I asked the lord to open my eyes to the things he wanted and desired for me to learn and that I could bring back things that would bless others.

At the training I learned that is very important to know who you are, what your purpose in life is, and to invest in those purposes. I am so honored to have learned about;

IMG_02281. Wholestic ministry
2. Orphans and Vulnerable Children
3. Church partnership and why it is important to partner with a church.
4. Community Health Evangelism

In everything and whatever we do we should at all times be thankful. In Kenya I got to know that in a small village 4 million people are living in poverty, with just one square meal a day. We eat three square meals a day and after ward still take ice cream. Millions are dying to get just one meal, and children are dying for someone to pay their school fees and they long for spiritual growth.

During the training I heard God speaking to me about a new directions he wanted me to take. One of them is CCS (CARE Community Search). Every Tuesday CARE staffs will go in two groups into the community to find kids who are supposed to be in school but are busy selling things on the road. We will find ways to get to their family and see how we can help empower the child and family through discipleship, education and mentoring.

IMG_0233God also has put on my heart to start Sports Outreach which is my true passion. Look for more information next week as I am excited to share with you everything God has been doing and how you can come alongside us in Sports Outreach.

To cut this short, going to Kenya really opened my eyes more to the needy around me, and how many need help. So my dear brother’s and sister’s, wherever you are in the world, find the needy and please give a helping hand. God bless you as you do so!!! Peace Emma Salako



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