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Babylon “…your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say ‘I am and there is none besides me’…”. Isaiah 47:10

Babylon represents a cultural mentality of self-absorption and over indulgence where image and materialism are gods.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.10.51 AMI truly believe the expectations placed upon you living in America (Babylon) are so much harder than my struggles living in Nigeria (even now with all the violence and rioting). I put you up on a pedestal and clap for you because you fight every day to put God first when everything around you says to put “YOU” first. You wake up each morning inundated with every “god” you could possibly want – Clothes, Cars, Houses, Jewelry, Toys, Exercise, Food and so much more. From billboards as you drive to commercials while you watch your favorite show, you are tempted every day to put other gods before the one true God. 

People are actually employed at marketing firms with the single purpose of figuring out what can induce you to want -no need – to buy their product. In addition, culture dictates you must attend all social events, your child must play every sport, you must exercise to be thin, pay high prices for “healthy” food and everyone you know must get a gift at Christmas. You are constantly barraged with what will give your life meaning and make you happy.

As a Christian we know social events, sports, exercise and gift giving are not bad. When they become a god in our life and our identity becomes wrapped up in what we have, what we do and what we look like then we are in trouble.

I am in awe of you for your ability to live in a modern day Babylon (America)- “gate of the gods”.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to pray for us or send an email that encourages us when everything around you says, “You don’t have time.”
Thank you for sacrificing your funds when everything around you says “Keep that money and spend it on yourself because you need this or that.”
Thank you for sacrificing your vacation to come serve with us in Nigeria when everything around you says “Take that vacation time for yourself.”
Thank you for putting together a care package for my family when everything around you says; “You are too busy for that or you don’t have the money for that”.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.15.43 AMWhen I think of your daily battles I am humbled.

I don’t have radio, billboards or television commercials telling me of what I must have or what I must do to be fulfilled.

I don’t have the “Joneses” to keep up with.

Your battle against the Babylonian culture is one fight my family and I don’t face here in Nigeria. I wanted you to know that I am thankful for those of you who put on your battle gear every day to fight the good fight.

Thank you for living in Babylon with the constant struggle of not falling prey to the “ME” culture and for choosing to make time to pray for and financially support us and our ministries.

  1. Marcia Jill Wells says:

    Bless you for that humbling encouragement. It is indeed Babylon here! “This world ain’t my home anymore”…. Long ago, we learned that our vacations were a disaster but our mission trips as a family were fun for all & made great memories.
    Speaking of Christmas gifts……I wanted to ask how many children are in our C.A.R.E. Africa school. I was hoping to be able to send just a small gift for each one, possibly. Hopefully, you could guide me in what would be most needed?
    Thanks for the encouraging email. Your struggles are real, also, just different. It often seems here that Christians trying hard not to give in to the bombarding Babylon environment are quite a minority.
    Love ya’ll!

  2. Marcia Jill Wells says:

    Also, I’m thinking about adding in an insert with our Christmas cards this year that would let more people know about CARE Africa, the needs there, and how they could help. (I’d also like to encourage folks who give a Christmas gift to our family to redirect that gift to CARE Africa in honor of our family or something like that. Maybe you can help me with the wording and the insert. Our family sends out about 350 photo Christmas cards yearly. Most are to church members of the past churches that Bill pastored. So, I think there could be a possibility for a good response from those folks dear to us.

    • Wow! This would be so amazing and yes I think it would really help us get more people involved in our ministry here. Do you need me to design something to accompany your cards or do you have something in mind?

  3. Marcia Jill Wells says:

    At least 4 missions-minded, Nigeria Missions loving, Christians in our church are now praying fervently for ya’ll in regard to the current violence, riots, strife & danger. Don filled me in a bit on some details. So, please know we are here in Brookesmith, Texas, loving you and praying for you! xoxo Continue to let us know your prayer needs. We are here to pray and help.

  4. Moses & C.I. Igunnubole says:

    We are thinking of you and praying for you always.

    Remain Blessed, Moses & Christianah Igunnubole

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