Parent Visitation Day

Posted: December 12, 2018 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria, Orphans, Patrice Miles, People of Egbe, Prayer, SIM

DSC_0470PVD or Parent Visitation Day is a day in Nigerian schools where the parents are invited to come and see what their child has been doing. Foundations Academy Egbe just had our first PVD day! As I walked around and observed the individual meetings with each child, caregiver and teacher I started to lose it. I had to go to the back of the center and cry outside so no one would see me. They were happy tears, thankful tears and tears of exhaustion. I experienced an overwhelming sense of  joy and saw Christ’s love right in front of my face that day. These children were each told what they were doing well and how great they were. They were also told what they needed to work on. It was all done in a loving environment and the caregiver and the child were united. No shame, no fear and no judgement.

DSC_0284This school is the missing piece to the puzzle for our family based care program. We can disciple these kids, love these kids, preach to these kids, but when they spend 8 hours a day in a school system that fosters, shame, fear, cheating, bullying and promotion regardless of your ability to comprehend the subjects….we are fighting a losing battle. The C.A.R.E. Africa partnership with Foundations Academy completes our holistic approach to the care of the vulnerable children God has placed in our care. With C.A.R.E. Africa and Foundations Academy, we can now confidently say we are raising up a generation that will make a difference.

  1. Tina Gibbs says:

    Patrice, this is so awesome! We are working with 18-25 year olds here, teaching them reading, math, and business skills, and the hardest thing besides the total lack of knowledge in most cases is that the students are afraid to try, they do not feel safe enough to possibly make a mistake for the first month at least. This is the part that saddens me the most. That they missed the years they could have learned the most and easiest, and were taught not to think or develop critical thinking skills! Great job, I am excited for Egbe, and am praying for you each day. For wisdom, direction, and staff that catches the vision as well! Hugs from the bush!!

  2. Jody Grasser says:

    Praise God for what He is doing in these kids’ / families’ lives!!!

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