What do you do?

Posted: February 21, 2019 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria, Orphans, Patrice Miles, Prayer

Why is it that the first question after being introduced is always “so what do you do”?

45328000_10156746330298808_3825232954834026496_nIn the missionary world we are excited to talk about the great things we are involved in and how God is working in our ministry. We list the programs we offer, how many churches we have planted, how many widows, orphans and vulnerable people we have helped.

But we are so much more than what we do…..or are we?

The deceptive attitude that our worth is proportional to our job title or our achievements is predominantly found in Western culture. For the Western worker it means that hard work and more productivity leads to a promotion or a raise. For the missionary it means our accomplishments will lead to increased donations. Somehow our work has become our search for meaning in our life. In the process – many of us have forgotten who we really are and what brings joy to our lives.

Group-of-workersThe cashier, bank teller, missionary, doctor, construction worker and waitress are people with actual lives. They all have passions, goals, struggles, interests, hobbies, families, and qualities that define them and make them who they are. Everyone is more than their job, whether it’s the most admirable career worldwide, or a temporary position. We are all “something” but we are also “someone.” There’s a difference!


13416885_10154174756783808_3829576414355949085_oI would like to introduce myself to you.

My American name is Beth Patrice Miles. Beth in Hebrew means house, a strong structure. My Yoruba name is Modupe which means Gratefulness.

I am a child of God, daughter, mother, wife, friend, blogger, deep thinker, prayer warrior, Jesus believer, avid reader, clothing designer, honest to a fault, no filter, baker, coffee lover, innovator, sugar addict, visionary, question asking, exercise loving and don’t reinvent the wheel if someone has already done it -kind of girl.

I am a 3 on the Enneagram (The Achiever) an INFJ (The Advocate) on the Myers Briggs a DIC on the DISC test.

I had a complex childhood and my teenage and college years were not without their problems. I now live in Nigeria with two amazing kids, two dogs and a husband who loves me more than I deserve. My heart is big but there is a wall which only a few have climbed over. I am never satisfied unless I am helping someone or something grow or improve.

Missionary is what I do but I am so much more than that!

Who are you?

John 12:12 ~ child of God.
Ephesians 1:7 ~ forgiven.
John 15:16 ~ chosen.
Romans 6:6~ no longer a slave.
Genesis 1:27 ~ created in the image of God.
Jeremiah 1:5 ~ set apart and appointed.
1 Peter 2:9 ~ royal priesthood, God’s special possession.
John 15:15~ friend of God.
Ephesians 2:10~ God’s handiwork.
Philippians 3:20~ citizen of heaven.
Romans 8:37~ conqueror.
Psalm 139:14 ~ fearfully and wonderfully made.
2 Corinthians 5:17~ a new creation.
Ephesians 1:13 ~ marked with his seal.

Next time you meet someone and they ask you what you do, tell them who you are!


  1. Linda Johnson says:

    Thank you Beth Patrice “Modupe” Miles for being who you are!! Wouldn’t change a thing, and I am so grateful and honored that you share that with me and my church! God Bless you always!! 🙏🏻💖

  2. Ginger Parker says:

    Patrice, Ditto, did I say ditto! I too fell into the trap of labels or accomplishments for my identity. God reached me in a way that tore down those concepts as a child of the 60s, of success focus and superwoman “I can do anything” behavior. I am so humbled by the LAVISH love and grace of God. Sometimes, I am so overwhelmed by the Trinity that I feel like a princess (I know another label). But I feel so very prized, not for what I do, but for who God made me to be – the person I am deep in my soul. I want people to know that person. Just maybe they will see a glimpse of God in me. I go through my days attending to my tasks, not planning anything special – then it happens. God presents an opportunity. I asked for them, He has prepared me for many of them, but I am ALWAYS taken back when they happen. He worked through me and used “me” again to love someone just at the moment they needed it. That love is often manifest as service, a patient ear, or sole focus. This is the real work of my hands! I am always the one that leaves the encounter touched more deeply, humbled and taught something new. Sometimes I even get to see His harvest. What a joy!

  3. Aaron Polsgrove says:

    Wow. This is my favorite post yet. When did you become such an insightful and profound writer?

    I can’t wait to hug your neck in a few months!


    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Art LeMaster says:

    Thank you Patrice. I had to make a copy of your listing and excellent key words for some (as of yet unknown) future use.

  5. Lia says:

    Love you and all of who you are!

  6. drtommckechnie says:

    Patrice I loved your blog! Our identity is in our testimony with Christ not our world job. It is bigger than us! Have blessed evening. Your brother in Christ, Tom

    Tom McKechnie MD President and Founder Teach To Transform drtommckechnie@gmail.com 502-905-7148


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