Yankari National Park, Bauchi State

Posted: March 27, 2019 by Patrice Miles in Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria

Last week was Cason and Jolie’s Spring Break. We decided to take an adventure to Bauchi state with several other missionary families and go to Yankari National Park. Since we moved to Nigeria we have heard so many great stories from missionaries about their great memories at Yankari National Park. Well…. I can say that we will definitely have memories that no one in our family will ever forget. The trip was a lot of fun because we went with great people and swimming in the natural springs that we basically lived in for two days was amazing. Although, accomodations, food, and service were questionable…HAHA! We made it, survived, and got the T-shirt!





Our Safari Guide



Roan Antelope

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Kilishi, Nigerian Beef Jerky



Flat Tire

  1. Hudson, Clare says:

    Glad you made it home in one piece. I am sure there are memories that will live forever in the family archives! Blessings on you and ministry there! Warmly, Clare Hudson SIM USA People Care & Development


  2. Ackley, Dick says:

    Those pictures sure bring back many memories for us! Your description was very accurate: “The trip was a lot of fun…although, accommodations, food, and service were questionable.” Right on – things haven’t changed there!

    My mouth watered seeing all those sticks of suya.

    Glad you could get away,


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