If you didn’t see this blog last week…here it is again because today is the day! I don’t know if you remember, but last year for my 39th birthday, you helped me install a playground at my school in Egbe, Nigeria. It was so much fun watching your donations come in and it was one of the best birthday presents ever. I enjoyed picking out the equipment, watching it made and shipping it to Egbe from Jos. There were many challenges in all the logistics, installation and maintaining quality, but the joy in the children’s faces when they experienced their first playground….made it all worth it!!

This year for my BIG 40th birthday on October 21st,  I have a BIG request! Will you help my Nigerian daughter, Titi, with an education? If you don’t know who Titi is, click on her blog at https://plantainsplease.wordpress.com/ . She is an amazing young women who walks with the Lord and has blessed our family with smiles, belly laughs, insight, new challenges and a different outlook on life. She has been in the USA for a little over a year now studying Social Work at Lancaster Bible College, and is making straight A’s. She is the RA for her dorm while working as a writing mentor too.

titi school boardTiti raises all her own school fees, which is $16,000 a year.  She currently has an outstanding balance of $8,000 at Lancaster for her second semester school fees. You will encourage and make a big difference in this amazing young woman’s life through any amount given through this birthday donation.

Thank you so much for making my 40th birthday extra special! Click Patrice 40th Birthday to donate.

titi & meJPEG

  1. shadowlander says:

    Happy 40th Birthday to you 🙂  Sent Titi $150 Monday!  Makes me smile – makes 3 of us happy.  Delighted for you and for Titi and me, as well to be a small part of your amazing family. Blessings, Chip   

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