Recent Attacks Make Shelter Need Urgent

Posted: August 5, 2021 by Patrice Miles in African School, C.A.R.E. Africa, Fundraising, Jos Nigeria, Miles In Missions, Missionaries, Nigeria, Outreach, Prayer, SIM

At C.A.R.E. Africa we try to reach out to the community monthly to support other ministries to encourage them. We recently visited a ministry in Jos, Nigeria and fell in love with the work they are doing. Meet Bibi, a teacher that was tired of seeing the children in Jebu sitting around with nothing to do. They had no money for school fees so she brought the school to them. The children come everyday now to learn to read and write but have to sit outside in the hot sun. Recently there has been attacks on their village and the need for a shelter is even more important.

Bibi needs a building for these children and has been raising funds all by herself. Help her buy the block, wood and roofing materials needed to finish her building for the children of Jebu Miango in Nigeria. Any amount will help towards the $500 needed. You can donate at

Check out the progress of their library an educational center along with information on the recent attacks on their village at

  1. Aida Darnell says:

    Hey Patrice I just donated to the school. It took a picture of my card and nothing else happened. Did it work or was that all I had to do? It didn’t acknowledge Aida


    • Let me check into this and get back to you as I only see it saying several Donor See guests. I am sure one of them is you if you didn’t sign up or sign in but let me confirm.

  2. wellsincwebaccessnet says:

    Hello, there! 😊

    I just did a donation of $25 for Bibi’s work ❤

    But the receipt says “CARE Africa”……so, I know that you know how to fix that if I messed it up. Lol

    So exciting to hear and see about yet another ministry there in that area reaching and helping children!

    My goodness, I just couldn’t help but immediately love Bibi!!! Thanks for sharing that!

    Love from HOT Texas, (BUT……I’m so thankful I have A/C for these old spoilt bones)

    Marcia ❤

    • Hey Marcia, We received it and the donation will be going to Bibi this week. We will send an update video out soon so Bibi can say Thank you to everyone and so you can see the progress and how you have helped us be able to help her with this!! Thanks soooo much!

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