Bead Making

DSC_6808Every Saturday women from Egbe come together and make jewelry for our ETSY store. These women are abandoned mothers, widows and young women trying to make it on their own. Emma or Patrice teach them different bead making techniques while studying the book of John in the Bible. All of our beads are purchased in country in Jos or Abuja. The women are normally able to make 2 to 3 necklaces on Saturdays. They are paid upon competition for the final product. They make 20% of whatever we value the piece to sell for.

???????????????????????????????We then send the product back to the U.S. with various visitors that come and go from Egbe. Once in the U.S. we have a volunteer, Diana Beville, who loads everything on the Etsy site and ships the items when they are purchased. This program is a team effort and all the proceeds help to pay for our C.A.R.E. Africa boys and girls school fees.





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