Seamstress Program

DSC_0571Our seamstress program was designed to empower the women of Egbe. This trade is high in demand in Egbe. Most Nigerian women wear the traditional Nigerian outfit daily. Fabric has to be bought and then sown for each outfit. Most seamstresses have more work then they can handle. We have joined together with a local seamstress, Janet, who teaches women at her home how to sew. She allows anyone with C.A.R.E. Africa to train for free. 10649900_10152756808032074_7804499075576390099_n

The program lasts one year and is every day. Once one of our women graduates from the program we will help them establish a store with all the supplies they need and educate them on business and savings. Our prayer is that many women will be empowered through this trade and be able to provide for their families once their store is established.

We also make handbags that are made with the traditional Nigerian fabric. We sell these online at our Etsy store. The proceeds from the handbags goes to pay C.A.R.E. Africa school fees.

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