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Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.06.07 AMLately, my relationship with the Lord has been a lot of work. Coming back to the United States and leading C.A.R.E. Africa from afar has not been as easy as I thought.

Lack of purpose
 – not being able to be hands on with the ministry in Nigeria.
Lack of identity – “Missionary” is a weird word to use when you don’t live in a far-off country.
Lack of joy -God made me an extrovert and now I work alone from home every day.

Since being stateside, I have continually asked God what His purpose was in bringing me back to the United States. What am I supposed to be doing? What is this new chapter in my life? I feel sick, heartbroken and I want to be healed but all I hear is silence.

76710897_10157714046358808_16463361264844800_nThis last year, I have spent time rekindling my relationships with friends and family. We get together for a meal, coffee or a walk in the park. The more time we spend together the more the relationship grows. If I have a problem I can call or text and talk it out with them. It feels easy and there is definitely not any silence.

I feel like my relationship with the Lord should be easier than my relationship with humans, after all, He is God. I meet with Him every day to study His word and ask Him for guidance and wisdom. I invest daily in this relationship and lately I have not felt a return on this investment.

Is God’s investment in my life His son’s death and I am now indebted to Him forever?

girlYes, eternal life is worth it! I don’t deserve to ask for anything more as He has given me everything needed. But sometimes it feels like obedience is all there is in this relationship. Be patient on His timing, love that person, sell everything we own, forgive that family member, move to Nigeria, give that money away, tithe, live humbly, move back from Nigeria, give grace to that one, lead like Jesus, don’t judge, just wait, treat your body like it is a temple, rest, don’t do that, do that. 

It’s just that I would do anything for my friends and family. I would not be silent. If you ask Cason or Jolie what their mom would do if anyone did something to hurt them- they would tell you – “She would take no prisoners..!” If they had a problem I would drop everything and be there to help. If they needed to be healed and I could heal them, I would.

I feel like with God I always need to be on my knees or be at His feet, always praying (oftentimes pleading) to Him in the hope He will speak clearly to me. Why can’t God heal me like the cripple at the pool in John 5:1-9. The cripple didn’t even initiate the conversation. Jesus did. The cripple just answered His question and was immediately healed.

Really? Why do I feel like I have to do something or give up something for God to do something for me?

I feel suffocated, required, demanded, controlled, enslaved and indebted. 

God’s love, as clearly described in the Bible, is unconditional. This just makes the silence  harder to understand. The Bible says in Matthew 11:30 that His yoke is easy but I am not feeling the easy right now.

As a mom, I don’t want my children to feel suffocated, required, demanded, controlled, enslaved or indebted. Yes, I carried them for 9 months, they ruined my body and continue to drain my bank account, but I don’t want a relationship built on obligation. I don’t currently hang out with the Lord out of obligation but I’m feeling like it is heading that direction if this silence continues.

Have you experienced silence from God before?
Has there been a time you questioned if He really cared?
What got you through this?
What helped you maintain your faith, hope and joy amongst the silence?

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.19.45 PM“Do you have any coffee?” Cason asked Shannon in the missions department at Southeast Christian yesterday at 4pm. I had to explain to him that he would never go to bed if he drank coffee a that hour. He just looked at me confused. Its hard to believe we have been in the U.S. for almost 2 weeks now. We have adjusted to the time zone well, but are still tired and need many cups of coffee a day. The food has started to grow on us. Only a few of us have thrown up, so we think we are doing pretty good. HAHA:)

We haven’t stopped running since we touched the ground. Visiting with family, working on videos for our presentations, planning for Global Missions Health Conference next week, mailing out over 450 support letters and still managing our Nigerian staff and projects back in Nigeria. We see rest in the near future at MTI in Colorado and then some time as a family in a chalet in the mountains for missionaries.

We are excited about the many opportunities we have over the next few weeks to present what God has been using our family for in Nigeria. Please join us on Thursday the 5th at 6pm for our open house at Southeast Christian Church ED 216/217. We will have several videos, speakers and food to share with you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.23.23 PMWe will be taking a small Uhaul on our road trip of support raising over the next few weeks. We will be picking up supplies for Egbe along the way. If you would like to donate anything please let us know. Below is a list of items we are hoping to collect to put on a container in December in Fort Lauderdale. If there is anything on this list that you have extra of or would like to send to us, please click EGBE to email me. You can also bring donations directly to the Open House on Thursday the 5th. Please feed the Uhaul!!

Thank you to everyone that is continuing to support us financially and in prayer. See you on Thursday the 5th at 6pm!!

Hospital DonationsScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.00.16 PM
10 adjustable exam room stools
100 fitted twin sheets (35in wide x 77in long)
50 standard size pillows
Plastic coated pillow covers and cloth covers
2 pairs each of size 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 closed-toed crocs
10-15 shoe box size and slightly larger plastic bins with covers for storage
50 visitors chair, 1 per bed
Portable carts with TV/Monitors and DVD equipment for evangelism in 4 places
Yoruba and Hausa tracs
Jesus Film in Yoruba and Hausa
Yoruba Bibles


CARE Africa Donations
Pens, black or blue only
School sandals, see picture (sizes 6-9, boys and girls)Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.39.15 PM
Durable flip flops (sizes 6-9, boys and girls)
White socks, over the ankle (all sizes)
Boys boxer briefs (all sizes)
Girls under ware and bras (all sizes)
Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
Gently used boys sport shorts and shirts (all ages)
Gently used girls cute tops, skirts to the knee and dresses (all ages)
Soccor jerseys for training
Beads for bead making
New or slightly used labtop with Microsoft programs and wireless internet capabilities
New or slightly used digital camera with SD card
New or slightly used printer
Children’s books all ages
Any AWANA program items
Plastic spoons, napkins and med size tupperware with lid

Egbe Hospital Construction DonationsScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.03.33 PM
Wood and or Metal Lathe with tools
Dewalt cordless hammer drill and impact drill 20V lithium battery w/charger
Honda 5500 and/or 6500 watt generators
12 volt sirens for housing security systems
Mechanic coveralls (sizes med, large and x large)
Black Ink HP 85A Laserjet
Pictures or decor for new duplex and other housing
Nightstands for new duplex
Heavy duty rain coats for the security staff/revite workers

Brothel Ladies, Blessing is on the far right.

Brothel Ladies, Blessing is on the far right.

Meet Blessing. While I was in the US earlier this year a few of our missionaries on the ground stumbled onto a brothel in the town. They met several times with the prostitutes there and built some relationships. A local Pastor, Pastor Wale, came alongside them and was able to get a few ladies to leave the brothel. The church  found them places to live for free and even gave them money to help start small businesses. Blessing was one of the ladies that choose to leave the brothel.

When I arrived back to Nigeria in May, Pastor Wale asked if he could enroll Blessings’ two children in CARE Africa. Currently the children lived in another town with grandma and he wanted to reunite them with their mother.  Without a guarantee of an education the pastor was concerned for the boys. We immediately said yes and the next week Blessing was reunited with her two boys

Blessing right after being reunited with her two boys.

Blessing right after being reunited with her two boys.

The following Saturday she came to CARE Africa. When she walked in the door she started crying and begging us to take the kids from her. “Please take my children! This is too much for me!” She said the money she was making selling beans and rice was just not enough to support her and the two boys. She said that everything was much harder than she had imagined it would be. We explained to her we were not an orphanage and prayed with her. We prayed for God to give her the strength to handle her new life and not revert back to the old one.

A few weeks ago I went to check on Blessing and the boys. We sat and talked about the upcoming school year. Once all contracts were signed and everything was understood by all parties I asked how her business was doing. She said it was still the same but she was managing. I asked her if now, a month later, she still wanted to give Friday and Samuel to me and she laughed and said “No”. I told her how proud we were of her for managing and not going back to what she knew and what was easy.

Last week at back to school meeting at CARE Africa.

Last week at back to school meeting at CARE Africa.

I then asked her what she needed to help her business do better. She said she needed to be able to buy in bulk.  If she could buy more than just a days supplies she would have more profit and thus could invest more into her business. Emma  and I started calculating what a whole bag of rice would cost and all the supplies she would need and it came up to N17,000 ($80). I opened my planner and showed Emma what I had written on my to do’s for that day. “Deposit N18,500 from craft sales from volunteer team.” The day before I had sold N18,500 in crafts from CARE Africa to a recent team that visited Egbe. I love it when God shows off! I asked Emma if he felt like we needed to talk about it more or if he felt led to go ahead and help her. He just smiled and said “It looks like we are just suppose to go ahead and do this.” God’s timing is so amazing.

Emma explained all this to Blessing in Yoruba to make sure she knew all the events that led up to her getting this money. I wanted her to understand how none of this could have been a coincidence. Emma explained how God planned for us to visit her that day and to have this money in our pocket from sales yesterday. I looked her in the eyes and said “God loves you Blessing! He thinks you are special! He has chosen you!” I loved getting to see the shy smile on her face as I spoke these truths to her. You could just see in her face that no one had ever told her this.

Samuel on the Left and Friday on the right.

Samuel on the Left and Friday on the right.

I am so blessed to get to watch God change lives in Egbe. Thank you for continuing to support Miles in Missions and CARE Africa so we can continue to show God’s love to people that have never been shown love. God loves you! He thinks your special! He has chosen you!

Friday and Samuel are Blessings’ children’s names. Friday is currently sponsored but Samuel is not. If God is leading you to help Samuel, click CARE Africa and sign up to send Samuel to school for only $35 a month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 8.29.27 PM

Samuel pounding yam!

Diana 1We need your help!! City of Middletown welcomes your family to join them for Middletown’s Family Fun Festival and Craft Show 2015. There are activities for the entire family! Games, booths, a parade, crafts, rides, kidz fun zone and entertainment. This was one of my families favorite festivals when we lived in Louisville.

Our application for the Middletown Family Fun Festival was accepted. God blessed us with a donor for the fees for the booth and now we just need workers. Please pray about helping our C.A.R.E. Africa partner, Diana Beville, run the booth.

diana 4If you can help, there are several shifts to choose from:
Friday Sept. 11th          5:00pm-8:00pm
Friday Sept. 11th          8:00pm-11:00pm
Saturday Sept. 12th      9am-12noon
Saturday Sept. 12th     12noon-3:00pm
Saturday Sept.  12th     3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday Sept. 12th      6:00pm-9:00pm

diana 2Ideally, there will be at least 2 people on each shift at the Middletown Family Fun Festival. The more the merrier. If you are not able to volunteer, please consider stopping by our booth or spreading the word for us. Thank you!

Feel free to visit the Middletown Family Fun Festival website by clicking on the link.

david spalshThis is a recent letter we received from a family member of one of our orphans, David Olamide.

“A life filled with testimonies is the life of David Olamide since he came in contact with C.A.R.E. Africa. Prior to the time C.A.R.E. Africa became committed to being a helping aid, he couldn’t converse in English Language. His studies were nothing to write home about and so also his behavior and relationship.

davidSuddenly his behavior at home became a type that is envied so much that his grandmother had to attest to the new development. She (grandmother) confessed that the impact of “ C.A.R.E. Africa” on David Olamide is so enormous that language is in poverty of what could be used to express her gratitude. David Olamide expressed how mixing with the white children has really given him a sense of belonging. Many may say he is (David) wild, but we his family are happy for the acclamation.

He may not be where many think he should be now, but he’s no longer where he used to be. We are grateful for how “C.A.R.E. Africa” came at such a time in his life and gave his life a meaning when many had given up on him. It is an understatement to say “C.A.R.E. Africa” has helped him to find his place in all ramification. More grace to the vision and visioniers. Long live Egbe, Love live Nigeria. Long live C.A.R.E. Africa.” Pst Andrew J.T. Edwards

DSC_0086David is currently sponsored but we have many other children that are still in need of a sponsor. As you have read, you can make a difference in a child’s life. For $35 a month you can sponsor a child. Currently the following children are still in need of a sponsor. Email me if you would like to join the C.A.R.E. Africa team at or click C.A.R.E. Africa to make a donation.