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Meet Joseph & Grace from Eruku, Nigeria. Eruku is on 9 km from Egbe hospital. Lenny received a phone call from Joseph about a month ago after our article in the Southeast Outlook went live. Joseph immediately told Lenny that Egbe hospital saved his life and he wanted to meet us. We met at Starbucks for almost 2hrs listening to their story and sharing ours. Joseph was a very sick child and practically lived at Egbe. His parents would ride him on a bicycle to the hospital and he says he would not be here today if God hadn’t used Egbe hospital.

Grace won the VISA lottery and was selected to come to Louisville almost 20 years ago. They moved and have raised their children here and visit their family back in Eruku as much as possible. They plan to come home to Eruku in  Decemeber and have invited us to their families home for all the holiday festivities. Grace says we have never seen Christmas celebrations until we have come to Africa.

This testimony encourages Lenny and I in our mission to help the Egbe people. Lenny will be working alongside the Egbe men to disciple them but also to show them how to keep the hospital running so people like Joseph can continue to be helped. Grace’s mother who is 83 years old still comes monthly to Egbe to get her regular check ups. The kids and I look forward to meeting her and many other hospital patients. We plan to visit with them regularly evangelizing, encouraging and helping anyway we can. We are so excited about fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives in Egbe and pray you will consider partnering with us on a monthly basis in this amazing mission! Click the Give button above to partner with us.