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goThe Miles family’s call to missions came over 2 years ago on our first mission trip to Jamaica. We were just checking another box off of our Christian checklist. Only God knew that the experience would change our lives forever. 2 years later as we sit in our home in Egbe, Nigeria we look back and wouldn’t change a thing. We said, “YES” to the call and our lives have been enriched beyond expectation.

The road to Egbe, Nigeria was not an easy one. The two years we have been living in this bush have been an emotional roller coaster ride. We have experienced so much we could write a book. However, we wake up every morning knowing we are in God’s will. We look back and see all the puzzle pieces and how they fit together so perfectly and we just say WOW! We have a peace that surpasses understanding of why we are here at this time and in this place. We have no clue what our future holds. We don’t know how long God will allow us to dwell among our Yoruba friends. We just take a day at a time trusting God will continue to touch people’s hearts to support us and pray for us.

11393677_989096031101238_1297709338242302643_oHas God been tugging on your heart? Has he been asking you to say “YES” to missions? We need you! We need several medical and non-medical short and long-term missionaries to say yes to Egbe, Nigeria. “Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it. Ezra 10:4”


Below is a list of the current opportunities for you to serve in Egbe, Nigeria. Please email me at to receive more information about these amazing positions. Come and help us grow God’s kingdom in Egbe, Nigeria. Say yes to these smiling faces!

Director of NursingDSC_0081
Guesthouse Manager
Medical Director
General Surgeon (High Priority)
Director of Administration (High Priority)
Biomedical Tech
Mechanic/Fleet Manager
Project Manager for HIV/AIDS Spring of Life Counseling Center
Nurse Educator
Nurses –Various Specialties including registered nurse practitioner, operating room nurse, emergency room nurse, nurse anesthetist, optical/ophthalmologist nurse
Revitalization Office Manager/Accountant
Physicians –Various Specialties including family medicine, internist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, OBGYN
Housing Compound Manager

The motto of ECWA Hospital Egbe is ‘CHRIST HEALS’. We want to glorify God through provision of holistic health care services with the intent and purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God through excellent patient care and the demonstration of the Christ-like lives of its staff.

Egbe Hospital Mission Trips

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As our family heads to Egbe in August we are excited and praying for who God will bring along with us. Currently there are 3 Samaritans Purse workers on site helping with the revitalization. This part of the project will be complete in March of 2014. Lenny and I will be assisting the Egbe team with the management of the compound, overseeing ongoing projects, hospital maintenance, coordinating short term teams and helping new missionaries transition into Egbe living.

2We are very excited about the opportunity to help the Egbe missionary community grow. Key positions are a Family Physician, General Surgeon, Administrator (general manager type), Medical Director and Head Nurse.  Right now the priority is getting a family medical physician that can provide leadership to the Nigerian Resident doctors and improve patient care. Egbe hospital is also in need of a Ophthalmologist, Pharmacist and additional Physcians/Medical Practitioners.

World Medical Missions Egbe HospitalWe are proud that Egbe Hospital is a part of the World Medical Mission. Short term medical trips and 2 year post-residency programs are available. If medical is not your field but construction is, there are still several opportunities for short term construction trips through Samaritans Purse. If you feel God has been leading you to missions and any of these opportunities seem interesting, please let us know so we can get you more information. If God has been calling you to missions and you don’t see anything above that fits your skills, let us know as the Egbe community has more needs then what is listed above.

We are praying for you, whoever you are! We are waiting for you to say “Here am I, Send me.” Isaiah 6:8.