Fundraising Has Started and the Date is Set For August

Posted: February 28, 2013 by Patrice Miles in Fundraising
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Appeal Letter Mailed

Appeal Letter Mailed

We are so excited to have started the process of fundraising. Over 500 letters went out over the past 30 days and we have already seen God bless our ministry through this. We received our budget from Egbe and we were a little shocked at the amount. We will need $6,500 a month in support for the next two years. In addition we will need $25,000 in one time set up costs. We were amazed to find out the Egbe team has committed $1,000 a month to our budget. In addition we have filed our application with Southeast Christian Church. They will give up to $2,000 a month towards our budget once approved. We won’t know until May if we are their 62nd approved missionary. This process has been very humbling and we are excited to open peoples eyes to the blessing they can experience by supporting this ministry. Our family will be heading to SIM for two weeks starting March 8th. We will be attending training all day on fundraising, culture, budgets and more. There is a teacher on site that will keep the kids up to date on their school work and will also be educating them on Nigeria. Once we return Patrice will complete her transition out of her Realtor role. April will be our first month with very little income and possibly packing and moving to our parent’s house. The date is set for August and starting in April we will be focused on fundraising and preparing for our journey. Please prayerfully consider supporting us by clicking on the donate button above.

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