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You can give to help our children and caregivers at C.A.R.E. Africa on this global day of giving at For Canadian donations you can visit

IMG_2606Wow! Have we really been living in Africa for two years? It seems that time fly’s when you are in your sweet spot. I do not even know where to begin on how to tell you what this journey has been like for our family. The only words I can say is that God has provided everything we’ve needed along the way. He has provided a house that our whole family feels is our home. He has provided safety from snakes, severe illnesses, Ebola, kidnappings, and robberies. He has provided a stronger marriage for Lenny and I. He has provided friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life. He has provided a different perspective on life and his word. He has provided financially through supporters, as we never fell below 100% in our support. He has provided success in our ministries and he has provided Peace in a country full of unrest. Jehovah-Jireh, God will provide!

IMG_2748God has also provided a desire to remain in Nigeria until he calls us home. We do not know how many more years that will be. Since arriving we have helped revitalize and construct many areas of the hospital. Operating rooms, the men’s ward, women’s ward, maternity, pharmacy, a new guesthouse & duplex, wall around the compound, missionary housing, fencing around our water supply reservoir, and so much more. In addition, C.A.R.E. Africa was created. Through this ministry, orphans and widows in Egbe are being empowered through the Bible and education.

Egbe WorkersAs the revitalization is slowing down it is time to focus on mentorship and discipleship. The hospital was days away from closing prior to revitalization. We do not want this to happen again. Training of the Nigerian staff and finding more missionaries to say “YES” to Egbe, is the second phase of this revitalization project.


In order for us to be able to participate in this 2nd phase of the revitalization project we will need to raise additional support and go through some long-term missionary training. We will arrive in the U.S. for home assignment in mid-October. We know God will again provide for us, so we have already booked our return flight back home to Egbe for January 2nd 2016. Our home church, Southeast Christian Church, will be hosting an open house for us on Thursday November 5th at 6pm so we can share video, photos and information about our time in Nigeria. We will be traveling to over 7  different states during our home assignment to meet with supporters, go through long term training, debriefing and more so our time in Louisville, KY. will be short. Please mark your calendars now for this event so we can see you. 

DSC_9963If you are currently one of our supporters we cannot Thank you for journeying with us over the past two years! We are asking that you pray about continuing to support us long term. If you currently are not one of our supporters, we ask that you pray about signing up to journey alongside us in growing God’s kingdom in Egbe, through this revitalization project and C.A.R.E. Africa. Click on this link to sign up now, MILES IN MISSIONS. See you in October!

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By: Lenny Miles

Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) began in 1893. Canadians Walter Gowans, Roland Bingham, and American Thomas Kent had a vision to evangelize the 60 million unreached people of sub-Saharan Africa. Unable to interest established missions—most of which said reaching the Soudan was impossible—the three set out alone.

SIM Founders

SIM Founders

Malaria overtook all three. Gowans and Kent died of the fever in 1894, and Bingham returned to Canada. On his second attempt, he caught malaria again and was forced to go back home. Unable to return to Africa, Bingham sent out a third team. They successfully established a base 500 miles inland at Patigi in 1902. From there, the work of SIM began in Africa.
Many people in their day dubbed the Soudan (specifically, Nigeria), “The White Mans Graveyard” because of the high mortality rate of Western missionaries trying to Evangelize this remote part of the world. Diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Typhoid claimed so many victims, that most missionaries headed to this part of the world would typically pack their possessions in their own coffin. They would say good byes to loved ones to board a ship with the realization that they most likely would come home horizontally and not vertically. Still they pressed on with a God given sense of urgency.

Here is an excerpt from Walter Gowan’s Diary attesting to the desire to reach a lost people. He writes this during his final days on Earth and is dying of Malaria. Please take the time to read this, it’s quite amazing…
August 9, 1894
Written in view of my approaching end, which has often lately seemed so near but just now seems so imminent & I want to write while I have the power to do it.
Well Glory to God! He has enabled me to make a hard fight for the Soudan and although it may seem like a total failure and defeat it is not! We shall have the victory & that right speedily. I have no regret for undertaking this venture and in this manner my life has not been thrown away. My only regrets are for my poor dear mother. For her sake I would have chosen to live.
Mother Dear: And what a mother you have been. It seems I appreciate you now more than ever I did. Oh how often I have thought while lying here of your love and how I have longed to see you again in the flesh. Don’t mourn for me darling dearest mother. If the suffering was great, remember it is all over now and I think of the glory I am enjoying and rejoice that your boy “was permitted to have a hand in the redemption of the Soudan.”
Oh! How I did wish to live for your sake…..
……Goodbye dearest, till we meet at Jesus feet,
Lord, give me the same heart this man had.

SIMGO 2013

SIMGo Spring 2013 team heading to different locations all over the world!

When you think of missionaries, what is the first thing you think of? I used to always think, “Someone who needs money.” Yes this is true as we cannot help people without the support of our financial partners, but this isn’t God’s sole purpose for this calling. He doesn’t just want physical needs met. He wants our spiritual needs met as well. So many wonderful people I come across say they are so sorry they cannot support us right now because of their financial situation. My response is always the same. “You can support us through prayer!” “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest” Luke 10:2.

As you can see in the picture above a few peoples faces are whited out. This is for their protections as they are heading to countries were they could face persecution or even death because of their faith. As we head to Nigeria in August we are heading into enemy territory. Satan does not want us there. We will need prayer for our marriage, our children, our health, days of travel to get to the site and our sanity. Once there we will need continued prayer for our ministry to the Nigerians, re-building of the hospital our family transitioning into home schooling and God’s leading with our involvement with the local HELP orphanage. Will you pray for us? We need 400 prayer partners that will receive a weekly email from us with prayer requests. Will you please consider being one of our prayer partners now and for the next 2 years. Please email me if you would like to become a prayer partner for our family.

Africa ShotsYellow Fever, Typhoid, Rabies, Polio, Meningitis, Hep A & B, Tetanus are words I never thought I would hear myself saying 9 months ago. If you had asked me in June of just last year if I would be watching my children get vaccinated for things I never even knew existed….I would have told you that you were crazy! That is how God works….when you let him. Day 4 of SIMGo and we are surrounded with like-minded people all heading out to different places all over the world to work for God’s glory and not theirs. I am so honored to hear their stories. From saving children’s lives, to God showing up with resources when they thought all was hopeless to standing on a hill watching the radiation cloud in the distance in Japan at the wake of the tsunami. WOW is all I can say as I stand in amazement of the purpose driven life these people lead daily. I am so excited and spurred on to live a life full of meaning and purpose where at the end of the day I may still be exhausted, but for such a fulfilling reason. Helping people learn about the fire inside of us and the promise of eternity through the Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project.

Our departure date of August is growing closer and SIM will not allow us to order VISAs or plane tickets until we are 85% funded. Please prayerfully consider being one of out $25, $50 or $100 monthly senders. God calls us all to missions….some he calls to GO, some he calls to SEND and some he calls to PRAY. Please let us know which one he is calling you to by emailing me at or visiting our website at and clicking on the GIVE button.


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SIM LogoWe are excited to have arrived safely by car to Charlotte NC for SIMGo. Our family will spend the next two weeks digging into policies, procedures, finances, cultural training, internet, security and much more. We start off together every morning with the SIM family in prayer for missionaries in the field. Lenny and I then take the kids to MK (missionary kids) school. The kids will have everyday filled with world view education. They will only spend 1.5 hours on their school work that they brought from home. The other time will be devoted to learning about Nigeria and other people groups. They will even learn about the Fullani children and have a trip to a museum. Lenny and I will be meeting with the SIM staff to work on finances & budgets to GO, security and internet, cultural training and much more. We will have lunch and dinner as a family with SIM and then the evenings we will be on our own. The weekends have some free time but we will have an international night with a Latino church at Good Shepherd.

Next Steps for our family;

1. April: Purchasing 2 year supply of clothing, supplies, food and driving to Fort Lauderdale to ship on  large shipping container to Egbe.

2. May: Packing and moving into parent house.

3. June: Cross cultural training for 1 month in South Carolina at CIT.

4. July: Return to Louisville to finalize everything and say good byes

5. August: Leave for Egbe, Nigeria!

Appeal Letter Mailed

Appeal Letter Mailed

We are so excited to have started the process of fundraising. Over 500 letters went out over the past 30 days and we have already seen God bless our ministry through this. We received our budget from Egbe and we were a little shocked at the amount. We will need $6,500 a month in support for the next two years. In addition we will need $25,000 in one time set up costs. We were amazed to find out the Egbe team has committed $1,000 a month to our budget. In addition we have filed our application with Southeast Christian Church. They will give up to $2,000 a month towards our budget once approved. We won’t know until May if we are their 62nd approved missionary. This process has been very humbling and we are excited to open peoples eyes to the blessing they can experience by supporting this ministry. Our family will be heading to SIM for two weeks starting March 8th. We will be attending training all day on fundraising, culture, budgets and more. There is a teacher on site that will keep the kids up to date on their school work and will also be educating them on Nigeria. Once we return Patrice will complete her transition out of her Realtor role. April will be our first month with very little income and possibly packing and moving to our parent’s house. The date is set for August and starting in April we will be focused on fundraising and preparing for our journey. Please prayerfully consider supporting us by clicking on the donate button above.