Posted: March 9, 2013 by Patrice Miles in SIM
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SIM LogoWe are excited to have arrived safely by car to Charlotte NC for SIMGo. Our family will spend the next two weeks digging into policies, procedures, finances, cultural training, internet, security and much more. We start off together every morning with the SIM family in prayer for missionaries in the field. Lenny and I then take the kids to MK (missionary kids) school. The kids will have everyday filled with world view education. They will only spend 1.5 hours on their school work that they brought from home. The other time will be devoted to learning about Nigeria and other people groups. They will even learn about the Fullani children and have a trip to a museum. Lenny and I will be meeting with the SIM staff to work on finances & budgets to GO, security and internet, cultural training and much more. We will have lunch and dinner as a family with SIM and then the evenings we will be on our own. The weekends have some free time but we will have an international night with a Latino church at Good Shepherd.

Next Steps for our family;

1. April: Purchasing 2 year supply of clothing, supplies, food and driving to Fort Lauderdale to ship on  large shipping container to Egbe.

2. May: Packing and moving into parent house.

3. June: Cross cultural training for 1 month in South Carolina at CIT.

4. July: Return to Louisville to finalize everything and say good byes

5. August: Leave for Egbe, Nigeria!

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