Do You Have One?

Posted: July 23, 2013 by Patrice Miles in Prayer

Miles In MissionsWe have been told from our cross cultural trainers that the Honeymoon stage will end around month 3 or 4 of our two year stay in Egbe. At that time most missionaries start to experience depression, frustration, anxiety and or just a reality check that they are not going to see friends, family or enjoy American comforts for a long time. My immediate reaction when we were in training was, “Not me! I am stronger than that!” Well now that we are home and the Goodbyes are starting, we are experiencing all types of emotions. It is bittersweet because we know that we cannot say hello without saying goodbye.

We are prepared now for the roller coaster ride we are going to experience emotionally and physically. We need your prayers while in Africa. Do you have one of the prayer bracelets above? We created these so that every time you wear the bracelet, see it in your jewelry box or nightstand, you will lift our family up in prayer. Prayer for strength, prayer for peace and joy, prayer for the people of Egbe and the hospital, prayer for God to use our family to help build and restore lives in Christ, prayer for our kids, prayer for our marriage and prayer for our safety.

If you don’t have a bracelet already we will have plenty at any of our farewell events that you might be attending. This Thursday is our send off party at St Mathews Community Center. Click Miles In Missions for the link to the event. I will also have some at my office front desk if you would like to stop by and pick them up. If you are out of town we would love to mail you one.

We currently have 277 prayer partners that have committed to pray over the next two years. If you are not one already please consider joining our prayer team by clicking PRAYER. We are at 87% of our monthly support goal for our ministry. We still are in need of several $100, $50 and $25 financial partners. If God has laid it on your heart to support our ministry please click Miles In Missions to donate.

  1. Colleen Jarnagin says:


    Since I cannot make the event on Thursday night due to being at the start of the Faces of Christ Retreat, I want to personally say “Good Luck and my husband and I will be praying for you”

    I know that you and your family will make a great impact.


    • Thanks Colleen for everything. The many retreats that I did with you Linda, Linda and Lia were always life changing and such a huge part of my walk with The Lord. Thanks for always saying Yes and letting The Lord use you to help so many women get to know the Faces of Christ! I will miss you guys.

  2. azteccf says:

    Lenny, could you send me a dozen? I’ll build a team in Texas to keep you lifted up! Jim Poole, 4717 Parkmount drive, Fort Worth Tx 76137. 8176573661, cell.

  3. james eicher says:

    Hon we are praying. Know the feeling. When we moved here it was a foreign land. Leaving everyone and everything we knew. Love,Grandma Eicher

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