15 Days and Counting!

Posted: July 31, 2013 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

IMG_346815 days from today,  if you are driving the Watterson Expressway around 9am you will see an entourage of SUV’s heading to the Louisville airport. They will be carrying 20 pieces of luggage, The Miles Family, and some very physically and emotionally exhausted family members and friends. I feel sorry for the Louisville Airport employees that will be working that morning! I am sure it will be a mess of boxes, luggage, crying people and kleenexes.

The goodbyes have started and we are trying to capture as much pictures and video that we can. If you have any, will you please email them to me by clicking EMAIL? Our send off and good bye parties have been amazing. As we eagerly await our departure it is bittersweet….you cannot say hello without saying goodbye.

With only 15 days left we are at crunch time and still need help in so many areas.

11588812_s1. We need prayer for VISA’s to get approved.

2. We need prayer for a new tenant for our rental property. Click 5306 Saratoga Estates Cir for more info.

3. We need to sell both of our cars. The Toyota Sequoia is a 2007 and has 92,000 miles on it and we are asking $17k. The Ford Explorer is a 2004 and has 105,000 miles and we are asking $3,900. We should have these online this weekend with pictures.

4. We need prayer for more financial partners. We need $350 in monthly support to get to 100%. Click DONATE to become a monthly or one time financial partner.

5. We need more prayer partners. We currently have 291 and we would love to have 400. Click PRAYER to become a prayer partner.

6. Last but not least we need prayer for our sanity over the next 15 days of packing. We will be checking the list and checking it twice.

  1. james eicher says:

    What will your address to there. How can we send you all goodies. Love, Grandma Eicher

  2. Vince + Stephanie Brooks says:

    Good post! God will bring it all together. It is stressful preparing to leave but I know you will get it all done. Don’t forget lots of Mac and Cheese. We are missing that! 🙂 Praying for you and your new transition. Remember to show grace to the kids so they will have a smooth transition as well. Tensions run high those last few days and the stress level is high, but remember the kids are experiencing that as well. A little extra TV or Ipad time isn’t that bad. 🙂

    Best wishes!

    Vince + Stephanie Brooks http://www.cmfi.org/vsbrooks vsbrooks.cmfmissionary.org

  3. Rick Bradford says:

    It certainly has been a joy to see how the Lord has stirred your hearts in such a direction. I think about so many of us that are stirred but then stay still. It has been a journey, Yes and many things along the way that have maybe given you some more questions, but even with that you are being obedient to the call. You have been Hope to many of us that are reading, and watching as you take these very tangible and disruptive steps to the normal everyday life. Disruptive in our very western life style but then being comfortable isn’t necessarily the call God gives us, but to be bold, to be movers and shakers to this generation and to the next generation. You have literally been moving… and I know that God has been shaking us all as we commit to pray for you on this journey.

    Thank you so much for giving all to serve our Lord Jesus, but I will not leave it at that I will see you in November in Egbe Nigeria (Lord willing).
    Praise His Name!

    You are in my prayers and will continue to be….

    Rick Bradford

  4. John Morris says:

    lennie, there visa expediters who help with the beaurocratic snafus that occur with visa apps to 3rd world tyl;pe places. look on the internet. john

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Hey Patrice, I have a certified flooring installer that wants to be apart of the mission, can you tell me where to send him to get started. He has been wanting to go on a mission and use his flooring talent and love of Christ to help.

  6. Just wanted everyone to know that within the hour after this blog went out, Visas were approved!

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