Unanswered Questions

Posted: January 16, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Lenny Miles, Miles In Missions, Nigeria, Patrice Miles

300526_10151588761048808_824620772_nI will never forget my melt down on my Fathers deck a few weeks before leaving for Nigeria. The unanswered questions were starting to create anxiousness throughout my entire being. My Dad asked me, “Do you need your questions answered or do you just not trust that God knows what he is doing and will take care of you?” I had to really do a basement trip on this core issue and discovered I didn’t trust him. I had always taken care of myself. This time I couldn’t prepare, I couldn’t control, I couldn’t even envision what was coming because I had never even been to Egbe. Once I repented of this sin and handed it over to God a Peace came over me and the anxiousness went away. My white knuckled grip of everything familiar loosened and I am enjoying the ride. The funny thing was, once I said yes to him and walked through the door, all those unanswered question were answered.

Riyom Attack that we drove through about 30 minutes prior to the attack.

Riyom Attack that we drove through about 30 minutes prior to the attack.

Some of my questions were;
1. Will we be safe, Nigeria has a lot of unrest?
2. Will my children have friends, there are no other families there?
3. Will Lenny and I be lonely, there is only 3 Missionaires there?
4. What will I (Patrice) do all day?
5. What will we eat and will we like it?

1. Will be safe? I continue to see Gods hedge of protection around us through snake encounters, whalla in the town, nail boys on the road and close encounters of unrest as we travel to and from the North. Our family is at peace about his protection here.  We almost forget sometimes we are in 1517811_10152091727568808_1075165954_oNigeria.

2. Will my children have friends? Haha…I laugh at this one. Everyday you can look out the window and see children trekking to my house. It amazes me how my kids have adjusted thier play to Nigerian style and have so much patience and grace for these kids. They love being teachers and showing the kids new things to do and play. They even have a “Nigerian Playground” as Cason calls it where they set up chairs and play make believe and ride bikes.

3. Will Lenny and I be lonely? God has blown us away with this one. See who is 1543995_10100999457236778_536409240_ncoming in this picture! We are so excited to introduce you to the Egbeites as they are calling themselves. In less than 6 months we will have a medical director, surgeon, hospital administrator, 2 nurses, family physician, elementary teacher, fire fighter, mait manager and a music teacher. Wow and I thought we would be lonely!

4. What will I, Patrice, do all day? Another one to laugh at as I was worried I was going to be bored. As compound manager, volunteer coordinator, guesthouse manager, school teacher, wife and friend….there is never a dull moment. I still ask that you pray for God to reveal ministry opportunities to me. We get glimpses here an there of how he is using us in the community but I know he has something more in store then the above job descriptions.

793769_265576223593621_1259991415_o5. What will we eat and will we like it? I love, love, love Nigerian food. I miss our vegetables but Lenny and I love the food. Spicy red sauce with meat over rice and sprinkled with ground nuts, Jollof rice with chicken mixed with cabbage, tomato, cucumber and ranch dressing is like Nigerian Qudoba, Oh and pounded Yam with Egusi soup I cannot even explain the deliciousness and last but not least I dream of Duro’s sugar cookies that she makes….they are amazing! The kids….well what kid likes food unless it is coated in sugar. They eat but it’s the same as it was in the US….every meal is a battle…some things don’t change no matter where you live.

  1. Colleen Jarnagin says:

    Thanks for sharing Patrice! What an adventure you are each on. I am so proud of you girl for trusting God and leaving everything familiar behind. Praise God. I can hear through your words how God is using each of you.

    Be patient. You are doing exactly what He wants you doing. We always make it a bigger thing. Just like Martha busy preparing and working, Jesus said Mary choose the better, sitting at His feet.

    “I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Phil 1:6



  2. Mark says:

    God Is Good! It’s really funny when you think of it, us wanting to be in control. This came up in my study this morning, seemed appropriate.

    “In every desert of trial, God has an oasis of comfort.”

    Excerpt From: Ministries, RBC. “Our Daily Bread Yearly Devotional Volume 2.” Discovery House Publishers.

  3. kellyekaye says:

    What a wonderful update! We keep u guys in our prayers every night and that God is using you and the family for his Glory and sounds like he is just doing that! I needed to ask u how do i contact the sims to update my bank card info. I love getting ur updates!

    Sent from my ZTE phone.


  4. Gale Cox says:

    Love these messages from Miles on Mission! Amazing how Patrice’s “Letters from Nigeria” come at just the right time when I feel sorry for myself over some trivial matter. When I see the smiles of her children and the recollection of everyday life, I count my blessings and turn the problems over to God. Be safe dear Sister in Christ!

    Gale Cox (and Tom)

  5. Wendy says:

    I love hearing how you have made Egbe your home!! ❤

  6. Joseph O. says:

    Apart from God’s grace (well, we can’t keep it apart!) the other primary thing keeping you going is your positive attitude toward everything – minimizing the seemingly unfathomable negatives going on there. The Lord is your strength! And may His grace continue to abide in you.

  7. Linda Kohn says:

    Hi Patrice,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life lessons, praising God for you and your family.

    So grateful to see God’s faithfulness in your stories and pictures.

    Linda Kohn

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