Taye, Baby Living at the Nurses Station

Posted: February 1, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

TayeThis beautiful baby girls name is Taye. Taye means, the first to taste the world. Taye is a twin and she lives in the ECWA Egbe Hospital nurses station in Ward A. She was born there over 8 months ago along with her brother Kehinde.

DSC_3039I remember when I arrived in Egbe almost 6 months ago and met Taye and her brother Kehinde. I noticed every time I visited that Kehinde was getting fatter but Taye seemed so small. I later discovered that the mother had disowned Taye and was no longer feeding her. The nurses in the ward immediately stepped in and cared for Taye. Together they put in their own resources to make sure she had food, clothes and love.

DSC_3040Now over 8 months later I love to make regular visits to play with Taye. I throw her on my hip and make rounds to visit women in the ward. They all know Taye and scream her name when we come. They grab her and know exactly how to make her smile and laugh. They give her biscuits and smile. She is a joy to them all and her smile brightens everyones day. As you travel around this 33 acre compound you will see Taye in the arms of a nurse heading to church or heading to the hostel. They all Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 7.33.05 AMcart her around everywhere they go making sure she is never left alone. It is a beautiful site to see this African community taking care of one of its own.                                         We are currently looking for someone to adopt the mother and the two twins. The mother needs guidance on how to care for these two babies and we pray eventually she will be able to live on her own with both of them.

  1. Mary Kolawole says:

    Great job guys! may the Lord continue to renew your strength and reward your labor in His vineyard in Jesus name. Where is the father of the twins?

  2. Steven W Kruse says:

    What a beautiful story and she is a lil doll baby!

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