Swept Away

Posted: February 12, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Missionaries

In November 2013 I remember an Egbe family meeting to go over possible transitioning of Samaritan Purse workers Abby and Mark Anderson to The Miles Family and William King. Abby went down her 3 page paper of what her duties were from compound manager, guesthouse manager, volunteer coordinator, EHR accountant and more.  I will never forget the question being asked, ” Patrice how are you going to do all this and homeschool the kids?” I really had no clue how, but I knew in my heart that God did not bring me all the way to Egbe to be a worn out, exhausted,  frustrated mother, wife, friend and Missionary. I knew he has a plan and I told everyone that day that God was going to bring a teacher to Egbe.

After our family meeting training began for my new roles.  There were many times school was neglected or not done up to my standards.  I could sense myself starting to get overwhelmed and frustration coming on. I  had emails of people that were interested in coming to teach my kids for 3 months or 6 months. I opened those doors but just never felt God leading me to walk through them. He used people on the ground to help me stay focused on Gods will and not my own, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I remained faithful and knew in my heart he had a plan.

21454_10100789186241538_150652324_nTo say 30 days later I was swept away by God answering my prayer for a teacher, would be an understatement. I received an email of a couple that wanted to make Egbe their home. It just so happened that one of them was a teacher. Wow! I love it when God shows off!

1004091_10100789188202608_1460737636_nI am so happy to introduce you to the Riddles. They visited Egbe last year and their hearts were swept away. Ever since they returned to the US they knew God was calling them to something bigger. Read there story at http://riddlessweptaway.com/about/ Katie will come to Egbe to teach MK’s.  Nick will be serving and helping the people of Egbe at the hospital through construction, EMT experience and more.

918_10100789188591828_1840768417_nWe are praying for them to arrive in June but this depends on support. So many of you already support our mission in Egbe financially and or through prayer and we cannot Thank you enough. If you feel led to support the Riddles please click https://web.simusa.org/Give/missionaries.php. Their Missionary ID is 042310.

They also need a lot of prayer as they just recently told their current bosses, family members and friends about their departure. What they will go through spiritually, emotionally and physically over the next few months will be exhausting. Pray for them to continue to be swept away daily by God while he opens doors and shows them something so much bigger than they ever could have imagined.

  1. garrison says:

    Love it!!! Love how God works. I heard someone say: “God is never late but rarely early” :))
    So cool! You all are such an encouragement for me.

  2. rick says:

    This is so exciting to see how God answers prayer….God is great….

  3. khriddle says:

    love this!! thanks so much patrice!! we really are in AWE of God and how He continues to make the ground strong underneath us! we can’t wait to get to egbe!!

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