God’s Instrument of Healing

Posted: February 19, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe Hosptial, Volunteers

nigeria feb 11 2014 004“Dr. Duncan is coming, Dr. Duncan is coming!” This is all I heard a few months ago and I wondered what all the buzz was about. Her visit was so anticipated that over 130 patients had pre registered from cities as far as Abuja to see her. In a culture that values large families and the number one cause of cancer deaths in women is cervical cancer, I found out an OBGYN doctor was a big deal for Egbe. Dr Duncan is from a rural town called Yreka California. She is the only OBGYN in the area. Her husband Mike is a HVAC contractor and I must say he has missed his calling as a baker. Together they have served in Egbe for one month and will be leaving us soon.

nigeria feb 13 2014 018

Dr Duncan heard about the need in Egbe from a visiting Nigerian CNRA at her practice in Yreka, CA. She thought it sounded perfect because it had both medical needs that she could help with and construction needs that Mike could help with. The only problem was it wasn’t on the World Medical Missions list. She decided to check again and when she logged onto the WMM website….there was Egbe. She would later find out they had added it just the day before. This along with a few other jaw droppers, confirmed for her that God was calling them to Egbe.
Nigeria Feb 5 2014 009

In 2012 Dr Duncan was one of the first Doctors on the ground in Egbe with WMM. No one was prepared for the 100’s of patients that would show up to see her. Through the chaos Dr. Duncan touched so many barren women’s lives through prayer, medicine and surgeries. She built relationships and this community fell in love with her as much as she fell in love with them.

Dr. Duncan decided to take her only vacation time again this year in 2014 and serve the people of Egbe again. Everyone was much more prepared for the chaos this time. She sees 25-44 patients a day MWF and  performs seven surgeries a day on T & Th. In addition a new resident shadows her each week and she gives two lectures to all the Doctors and residents on staff.  “The best part of this is getting to pray with each patient and the fact that they expect a miracle. I am humbled by their faith and I just want God to use me as an instrument of healing.”

Dr. Duncan has numerous stories of women with blocked tubes, menopause and more that couldn’t get surgery or she felt she couldn’t help them.  She prayed with them in 2012 at the clinic and in 2014 she has been amazed at how many of these women now have babies. Wow! Her stories of getting to witness miracles make me jealous. She has had  a front row seat to Gods work here in Egbe. Dr Duncan says, ” The power of Gods presence is so evident in this community. When you go to church you feel the power of God in their prayers. God has led me to be here for a reason, I encourage everyone to listen to where God is leading them now.”

If you feel like God is leading you to Egbe for medical or construction we would love to have you. I cannot express enough the need this community has for people like Dr Duncan. The repercussions of what she has done in one month will be felt financially, emotionally and spiritually in this community for many years. Click WMM for more information on medical opportunities and say YES. Click SP for more information on construction opportunities and say YES.

  1. Megan Parker says:

    Patrice, I love that you said, “God has led me to be here for a reason, I encourage everyone to listen to where God is leading them now.” The words jumped off the screen and into my heart. Your words are God’s words today for me and he is speaking and I am completely encouraged. I couldn’t thank you enough!

    • Every time I write I am in prayer that God will use it to inspire and encourage someone somewhere. Thank you for the comment and those words were Dr. Duncan’s. She is an amazing women.

  2. Linda Kohn says:

    Hi Patrice,

    So happy and joyful to read your news update, Loving Dr. Duncan too for all that she does and expects to experience through prayer.

    Blessings over you and your family.

    Thank you for your prayers for Shepherd, we are also praying for you constantly☺


    Linda Kohn

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