Egbe Hospital Food Drive

Posted: March 23, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

garri 1“What smells so good?” Cason asked. “Chocolate chip cookies!” I told him with a smile on my face. Cason jumped up and down and yelled” Yeah! Jolie we get to eat chocolate chip cookies tonight!” Food has always been a source of Joy for me. I smile as I cook it, eat it and serve it. In the U.S. I loved to host parties just to cook and bake for people. I also loved to use it to minister to people that are sick, need cheering up, or if I just want to show them I care for them. . Everyone says I get it from my Mimi.

garri 2My food addiction has also been a thorn in my side. I can use it to take away my loneliness, pain or sadness. God has been working with me on this for years and it is a daily battle that he walks and talks with me about. I am excited today because I think he might finally be showing me how to use it for his kingdom.

DSC_0037In Africa, hospitals do not feed their patients daily. It is the responsibility of the family to bring daily food and water. If the family lives too far away or they don’t have the money then the patient starves. The nurses in Egbe are amazing and do everything they can to keep this from happening. They give their own money and food to these patients. The nurses are limited to what they can do and this need for daily food and water has been on my heart since I arrived in Egbe.

DSC_0045A colleague of mine and I have discussed so many different ways to feed the patients. Every time we discuss it we are left with concerns of when helping hurts. We don’t want to create something that will hurt the community more than help it. If people think they can get a free meal in the hospital, why ever pay your bill and go home?

After some prayer I decided to try a few food drives just to see the costs, time and what the outcome was. We handed out Garri, ground nut and water for our first drive. We prayed over the patients after asking them if they knew who Jesus was and if they where a Christian. The smiles on the faces of these patients was amazing. They were so happy to see us, especially the children. I cannot explain the Joy we all found in serving these suffering people a simple bag of Garri. It was so rewarding and the prayer time was very encouraging.

DSC_0043For N5000 we fed 50 people which is about $31. Thank you to everyone that has and is supporting us. You can know that your support just helped feed 50 people in Egbe. These people may have not have gotten to eat that day if God had not stirred your heart to support Miles In Missions. Next week we will be trying it again so please pray for us. I don’t know what road God is leading us down but we are taking baby steps to find out.

  1. Colleen Jarnagin says:

    Great job!! it is exciting to receive your emails and to see how God is using all of you there Egbe.
    What a wonderful thing you are all doing. Keep up the great work for God’s kingdom. May He continue to bless you. Thinking of you. Colleen Jarnagin

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