Spiritual Fruit

Posted: March 30, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions

dr patient

In the past few months we have had many people ask us about the spiritual fruit that we have seen in Egbe. Everyone that is friends with us on Facebook or reads our blog knows our works and acts….but  do they really see Gods kingdom growing through our ministry?

I am excited to say that over 564 patients in the hospital excepted Christ in 2013 As well as another 349 rededicated their lives to Christ. Now you might ask, did Miles in Missions directly have anything to do with these conversions? No, none of us ever do as God is the conductor and we are simply his instruments. Our roles in Egbe are supporting roles. Lenny is Maintenance Manager for this 33 acre hospital compound. I am the Volunteer Coordinator, Housing Compound Manager and Bookkeeper for the revitalization project. Without maintenance and construction of the hospital, there wouldn’t be a hospital for patients to come and hear about Christ. Without volunteers, housing for Missionaries and Nigerian Doctors there wouldn’t be anyone to talk to patients about Christ.workshop guys

We struggle with our supporting roles everyday. We would love to be on the frontline with the Doctors, nurses, and chaplains watching them minister to the patients. We would love to actually be present when that patient says “Yes, I want Jesus in my life!” We have to look at ourselves though and question our desire for that. Is our desire to be on the front lines for our own satisfaction or truly to further Gods kingdom.

God has called us to these supporting roles and we do get to see him working daily. The men Lenny works with in the workshop are predominately Christian. Just like in the US, this can mean so many things. The question is do they have a relationship with Christ? Through the men’s devotion every morning in the workshop they are able to explore this and talk about it openly. This year, in 2014, one man has accepted Christ in the workshop and in 2013, two men. Discipleship is the Spiritual Fruit that Lenny gets to be apart of. Look for BLOG coming soon on Samuel who accepted Christ this year.

girlsThe women I work with daily in the guesthouse are also Christian women. We get to explore our walk with Christ in morning devotions and together all grow closer to God. The culture here does not easily go deep or talk about emotions…not much different then some of the Bible studies I attended back home. Together with Gods help we are pouring into these Christians to help them understand his love, mercy and grace that is available to us all without having to do anything.

  1. azteccf says:

    Mentoring and Discipling is such a fantastic role for the frontline Christ follower and warrior. May our Dad continue to show you how happy he is with his kids. All 4 of his kids. Blessings.

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  2. Linda Kohn says:

    Thank you for the update, wonderful to see you furthering the Kingdom and God furthering HIS plan in your lives, all behind the scenes, but the fruit is evident and contagious☺

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