Yoruba Lessons

Posted: July 12, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Nigeria, Miles In Missions, People of Egbe, Uncategorized



E ku aaro (Good morning)
Ẹ ku ọsan (Good afternoon)
E ku ale (Good evening)
O da aaro (Good night)
E ku abo (You are welcome = greetings = hello)
O da abo (Goodbye)
Eku ise (Well done!)
E se (Thank you)

The Yoruba people will greet you at every encounter and expect to be greeted in return. It can be over-whelming trying to remember which greeting is appropriate when, but the people are gracious and will remind you when you forget. There were times this extrovert just wanted to disappear: “just let me walk! I don’t have to say ‘hello’ again! we’ve passed each other 10x’s in the last hour!” My poor, resilient, introverted husband…he hung in there.

However…now that I’m back in the states – even here in the friendly south – people are just rude. Very few say ‘hello’ even when I speak to them first. Some…

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  1. Mary Kolawole says:

    It’s really exciting how fast you guys are learning yoruba language and culture. Hope you’re doing well, remain blessed.

  2. Steve Kruse says:

    Loved the language lesson. Really enjoyed the photo also – especially the joy in the faces of Cason and his friends.

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