Spiritual Attack

Posted: July 22, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Egbe, Egbe Hosptial, Egbe Nigeria, Missionaries, Nigeria, Prayer

thessA friend who I met in Egbe, while she accompanied her husband to work on our lab, led me to a Beth Moore study recently. Today is Day 2 and it started out saying ” Anything God emphasizes, the Devil seeks to exterminate.” This spoke to my soul and led me to blog to you today.

We have had so many answered prayers here in Egbe and continue to daily. The arrival of two more Missionary families this week and still more arriving in the following days is an answer to so many prayers. We are now the second largest SIM Missionary establishment in Nigeria. Our OPD is now open and operational. We have a great Medical Director and Hospital Administrator that are making some amazing changes. I would say that God has emphasized our community and we are on the radar! This is why Beth Moore’s quote spoke to me this morning. “Anything God emphasizes, the Devil seeks to exterminate.”

riddlesSpiritual attack has definitely been felt by all of us in one way or another. From sickness, uncomfortable rashes, electrical issues, marriage issues, sleepless nights, work issues,VISA issues and back at home U.S. issues we are feeling an increased spiritual attack. Our Missionary community is tired most days and we all feel the emotional fatigue from these spiritual attacks.

Beth Moore says;                                                               Are you In a season where faith feels like hard work?           Is loving laborious?                                                         Is hope circling the drain as you keep longing and waiting?If you answered yes to all three questions you are under a triple threat. Satan cannot snatch faith, love and hope from you. You have to hand them over.

Pray our Missionaries and my family decide not to hand over anything  to Satan today tomorrow or any day. Pray that as we are becoming a beacon in Nigeria that we will not experience any repercussions from our popularity. Pray for God to give us the strength and wisdom to discern and persevere.

Beth Moore says we are not like everyone else breathing the worlds toxic air. Our flight has been hijacked by hope! So many have had hope to see the day that this Egbe community is revitalized and it is finally here! 

Front hospital

  1. Fred says:

    Beth Moore is a great teacher but dont get your focus on her. Keep yourself in the Bible and what it speaks to you. When you feel under attack, speak scripture that applies to it. Rise above those things that come against you. Keep doing a great work there.

  2. Cindy says:

    Amen and Amen…praying.

  3. amandaforman says:

    You are constantly in my thoughts – praying for you guys! We win 😀

  4. Debbie Parker says:

    Thank you for direction in prayer. We pray every night but seems repetitious. Your openness will help us to be more focused. We love you guys!

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