Hands and Feet of Jesus

Posted: August 14, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

Beautiful post from friends of ours that I have been waiting to see pop back up on the radar. So glad to hear your words Bethany!! We are all so proud of your Dad and your family for serving!

Bethany Fankhauser

As my throat began to choke up and tears slowly filled my eyes, I looked up at my dad dressed in a Tyvec suit and full protective gear. The image before me was one I will never forget.

My dad, a missionary doctor, was standing in a circle of nurses and aids, praying. He was lifting up prayers for the patients who were suffering from Ebola, for their family members, and for the protection of the staff who were about to step into the isolation unit. I held my camera close to my side. When I heard my dad say, “amen,” I glanced at the group standing before me and felt a strong sense that I was in the presence of people who were acting as the hands and feet of Jesus.


There were rain drops falling off of the tin roof covering the ELWA Hospital Chapel. The newly painted chapel had been converted…

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