Work Boots – Part 1: The Invitation

Posted: August 19, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

This is an amazing story from our friends in Louisville that visited a few months ago.


IMG_4507.2 In May of 2014 my husband, Stephen, and I spent 2 weeks in Egbe, Nigeria.  After 25 hours of airports & flights + 8 hours of a slow, bumpy drive from the capital city of Abuja, we were IN Egbe. Not looking at pictures, but THERE.

Egbe is a small, poor African town without much running water, nor a trash system. Pigs and goats roam like squirrels. Young children may or may not wear pants. There are small markets and schools. Many homes. At least 1 hotel. Machines (mopeds) everywhere. Streets full of mostly-friendly pedestrians. Ancient stony hills partially surround the city. No public parks or city bus. And on the edge of town, there is a hospital. A life-giving, life-saving; life-changing hospital.

ECWA Hospital is being revitalized by the children of George Campion, the man who originally built it in the 1950’s. Our friends, Lenny & Patrice Miles

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