Work Boots – Part 2: The Road Trip

Posted: August 19, 2014 by Patrice Miles in Uncategorized

This is an amazing story from our friends in Louisville that visited a few months ago.



We returned from Africa on May 17, 2014. Coming home was both comfort and conflict. I wanted my bed. And I wanted my babies. But I didn’t want to forget what I was learning. I missed my new friends and the Miles. I didn’t want it to just be a vacation. I didn’t want marriage to become mundane again. I didn’t want to forget the whispers inviting me to the Kingdom – not just in Egbe, but at home too.

My good intentions were boiling over, so within a week I called Lisa at LifeBridge (<-link) to get some guidance on how to go about seeking donations. Her advice was to start locally.

I didn’t do many things right in this process – I really was just along for the ride – but one major thing I learned in Africa is that I NEED God. Not as a magic 8 ball or…

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  1. Linda Kohn says:

    What a neat story, God is at work all the time, He is good all the time and it is so neat to see it happening over and over again for Nigeria.

    Thank you,

    Linda Kohn

  2. Rick Bradford says:

    great story and blessing

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